The Secrets of Underbrooke are revealed on “Once Upon A Time”

What deadly secrets did the Storybrooke crew stumble onto during tonight's episode? (Photo property of ABC)

What deadly secrets did the Storybrooke crew stumble onto during tonight’s episode? (Photo property of ABC)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

The Storybrooke Crew entered Hell to rescue Hook from the world of the dead. However, the good captain was not the only person that they rescued. Throughout their stay, the gang was able to help Regina’s father, Hercules, Megara, Hook’s brother, Liam, and his crew escape the Underworld and move on into the afterlife.

Their heroic efforts displeased Hades. The Lord of the Underworld sought retribution from the Storybrooke gang by taking away their spirits. First, Hades decided to target their most influential member: Mr. Gold. He resurrected a contract that Gold signed long ago in the Enchanted Forest that gave a healer—his second-born child—for giving life-saving medicine to Baelfire. The news that Hades might have their child shook Gold and he had a rough time telling his wife, Belle, who was disheartened to learn that her husband returned to the dark side as everyone’s favorite resident Dark One.

Next, he turned his attention to the Charmings/Mills families. When Hook failed to name three members of the traveling party to stay behind, Hades randomly chose Emma Swan, Snow White, and Regina Mills to stay ultimately behind in the Underworld when their mission is complete.  However, a wild card has entered the picture that could change the game: Zelena.  Like Belle and her child with Robin Hood, the Wicked Witch was dragged to hell against her will.  But, she has a romantic past with the Lord of the Underworld and both sides might be ready to restart their relationship.

But with residents leaving the Underworld and Hades occupied with Zelena, this opportunity was the perfect time for our heroes to strike the Lord of the Underworld. Did they succeed?  Read on to find out…

Belle confronted her husband at the Underbrooke Pawn Shop. She declared that the Lord of the Underworld would not separate her from her unborn child and demanded that her husband help protect them. However, there was a condition that Belle had for her husband…do not use dark magic!  Belle revealed that Merlin stated that someone could use the Dark One dagger for good. She believed that her husband could be that man and also issued him the classic “my way or the highway” ultimatum to her hubby.

While Gold prepared to answer his wife’s ultimatum, Emma awoke from a nightmare. When Hook asked her about it, she shrugged it off. Hook stated that was the first time she slept in weeks since rescuing him. But before they could get into an argument, they were summoned by the others. Regina was hard at work trying to crack the Greek code that was a part of Hades’ protection spell on his elevator. While Hook scoffed at the Ancient Greek symbols, Regina and Emma used their magic to successfully open the elevator’s door.  Unfortunately, Hades prepared for a counter measure: a brick wall.

As the heroes looked for another solution to Hades’ countermeasure, the Lord of the Underworld stalked Zelena, he found a symbol of hope: a lily. Next, he confronted Gaston and told him about Belle and Gold’s arrival. Hades goaded the hunter into killing the Dark One and wanted him to get rid of the hope. He also gave him special arrows that would kill his longtime nemesis.

Back at the shop, Gaston shot at Belle and Gold. A shocked Belle was surprised by her former fiance’s appearance and he revealed that Gold killed him back in the Enchanted Forest. When he shot at Gold, the Dark One looked at Hades’ arrow and revealed that the arrow was forged through the River of Souls.  Belle decided to take a risk and asked her husband to assist her in helping Gaston move on from the Underworld.

At the Underbrooke graveyard, Emma’s nightmare became reality. As a monster was chasing her, Hook and Snow, Regina tried to pry information from Zelena. The Wicked Witch revealed that the Lord of the Underworld fell for her. While Cora’s daughters continued to bond, Belle and Gold broke into Gaston’s locker and the duo found out that the Hunter’s unfinished business was Belle!  Meanwhile, Hades confronted Belle and offered her a deal—her baby’s safety for either Gaston or her husband living in eternity in the River of Souls.  Belle refused and Hades forewarned that he would be waiting for a response.

Regina rejoined Snow, Emma and Hook in her vault. The former Evil Queen stated that there was more to Emma’s nightmare: The Savior was worried about death and failing everyone. With the help of her loved ones, Emma’s confidence rose and they prepared to face the monster.  Meanwhile, Belle found Gaston’s true intentions when he wanted to kill Gold in cold blood and shared Hades’ deal about the duel with her husband.

Unfortunately, Belle’s mission of good intension turned into a nightmare, because she played right into Hades’ hands. Realizing her mistake, Belle rushed to the harbor to reveal that she can control her husband through his dagger and demanded that he let go of her villainous ex. However, Gaston was not going to give up without a fight. However, it was Belle that pushed him into the River of Lost Souls.

As Gold tried to console his wife, Hades mocked the couple and told them that their deal was off and their unborn child still belongs to him. The show ended with the heroes confronting Emma’s monster: Red Riding Hood!

Next week, Mulan, Red and Dorothy go up against Zelena and Hades!


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