The Season Seven Final Three are revealed on “The Voice”

"The Voice: Season Seven" Top 12 reunited on tonight's episode! (Photo property of NBC)

“The Voice: Season Seven” Top 12 reunited on tonight’s episode! (Photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

This is it!

After countless live performances on The Voice: Season Seven, the Final Three were revealed. In addition, the previously eliminated Top 12 contenders will compete for the show’s first ever Wild Card slot.

Which members of the Final Five made it to the finale? Who was brought back to represent their coach in the finale? Read on to find out…

After recapping the night, Carson started the results! Your final three are Chris Jamison (Team Adam)—-WRONG DECISION AGAIN AMERICA, Craig Wayne Boyd (Team Blake) and Matt McAndrew (Team Adam)!

Taylor John Williams and Damien joined the remaining eliminated acts for one final chance to return to the competition.

Team Blake’s Reagan James kicked off the round with “Put Your Records On.” It was very airy…and it was a boring presentation. D Her fellow Team Blake teammate Jessie Pitts tackled “Zombie,” a track that Team Shakira’s Clarissa Serna tackled a season ago….while Jessie delivered a quality performance…it was not enough to send her back into the competition. C

Team Gwen’s Ryan Sill returned to haunt our ears! He decided to perform “Marry Me.” It was okay, but it lacked emotion and seriously…if he gets the final spot over someone like Damien, Sugar, Anita or DaNica., The Voice will lose all credibility! F

I was so happy to see Anita Antoinette back on The Voice stage! Her cover of “Waiting On The World to Change” was superb and she was the first performer to get me smile! A-

Taylor John Williams concluded the Team Gwen portion of the Voice Wildcard round! He tackled one of the most covered songs from this year in Reality TV: Chris Issak’s “Wicked Game.” It did not connect with me and I would re-watch Emily B and Sons of Serendip’s brilliant covers of the track than vote for Taylor. D+

Damien returned to The Voice stage and performed Bruno Mars’ “Grenade.” This was an intriguing song choice for his “final chance” performance. While it was dramatic and had a great vocal, there was too much staccato and it was too much of a distraction for me. C+

Pharrell’s favorite girl, Sugar Joans, kicked off her team’s portion of the program with Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black.” This is one of the most difficult songs to sing and I was in awe of Sugar’s vocals! Brava, Sugar! A-

Luke Wade got his confidence back with “Have A Little Faith in Me!” But, it lacked the emotional conviction and combined with a lackluster vocal…it was a recipe for disaster. F

Former frontrunner DaNica Shirey closed the night with her cover of “Without You.” She was the first eliminated artist that gave me chills with her second chance performance. DaNica is a star and it would be a shame if she was not in the finale! A+

In all honesty, I would be content with Anita, Sugar or DaNica to get the final slot.

Watch the Today Show to learn which artist you picked to be in the final spot in the Final Four!

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