‘The Masked Dancer’ PREMIERES

The Masked Dancer made its debut tonight featuring Group A (Tulip, Hammerhead, Disco Ball, Cricket, and Exotic Bird) (Artwork and photos property of FOX)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

FOX’s Masked franchise entered a whole new level of craziness Sunday night when it premiered The Masked Dancer. Initially a spoof segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Masked Dancer features ten celebrities from various pop culture sections in colorful disguises.  

However, these celebrities are showcasing their dance moves! Hoping to correctly deduce the dancers’ true identities are The Masked Dancer panel. The show’s dance detectives are Masked Singer stalwart Ken Jeong, singer-actress Ashley Tisdale, actor and former Masked Singer contestant Brian Austin Green, and the impeccable Paula Abdul.

On the premiere episode, viewers were introduced to Group A. Cricket, Disco Ball, Exotic Bird, Hammerhead, and Tulip were the first five dancers to showcase their stuff to the audience. Which performers impressed the panel? Which colorful character was the first performer to unmask and leave The Masked Dancer? Read on to find out!

After host Craig Robinson made his entrance, the Hammerhead made his entrance. Paula noted that he was very athletic, and Brian called him “an entertainer.” He mentioned that moving backward is a big part of his life. He performed Backstreet Boys’ “Everybody” and ripped his shirt off. He also did some swimming in his clues.  Paula Abdul called the performance: “Beautiful.” Brian called an “entertainer” and in the game “Word Up”- he said in his real voice: “Dramatic.”  Ken stated Carrot Top, while Paula thought it was either Liam Payne or Joe Jonas. 

The Tulip made her entrance onto the stage. In her pre-performance package, there were some clues pointed to TikTok and being teased in school. She dedicated her dance to people looking for their place in the world. She danced to Fergie’s “Fergalicious” by tapping that had Ashley declare: “That’s a dancer.”  Tulip moved Ashley Tisdale to tears, and Paula loved her footwork. In “Word Up,” she said: “Triple.” Ashley Tisdale predicted TikTok star, Charli D’Amelio. Meanwhile, Paula thought Ariana Grande was behind the mask.

The Cricket was the third Masked Dancer to take the stage. He revealed that he is not a professional dancer in his pre-performance package, and even Brian Austin Green perked up when he saw the number: 90210. He dedicated his dance to his lover, who taught him how to stay balanced. He danced to The Pointer Sisters’ “Jump,” and while his dance moves were subpar, Cricket made me smile. Ken called the performance: “Entertaining” and “Fun.” In his “Word Up,” he said: “Accomplish.” Ken thought it was Ryan Reynolds and Brian thought it was Jim Carrey or his old co-star: Ian Ziering. Ashley stated it Cricket was an actor and thought it was Ashton Kutcher. 

The Disco Ball made his entrance. The Masked Dancer panel immediately predicted that this was an older performer. In his pre-performance package, the letter “J,” a shark fin, and iced tea was featured. He boogied to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk,” and he needed help down the stage. This was not my favorite performance of the night. Ashley pointed out the Disco Ball’s swag, and Brian called him: “an old school entertainer.” In his edition of “Word Up,” he stated “Grammy.” Ashley thought it was M.C. Hammer, while Brian guessed it was Coolio or LL Cool J. Ken thought it was a music legend, Smokey Robinson. 

Exotic Bird was the final Masked Dancer to take the stage. After she shook her groove thing to Craig, she revealed in her pre-performance package that she was on a track and told that she was very competitive. There were also small Aubrey Twos from Little Shop of Horrors in the clue package. The Exotic Bird danced to Daddy Yankee and Katy Perry’s “Con Calma.” She had impeccable dance moves. Paula called her “a natural performer.” In her “Word Up,” Exotic Bird stated the word: “scored.” Brian predicted it was Hope Solo, while Paula thought it was Jennifer Hudson. Ken guessed it was Venus Williams. 

After the judges and super fans voted, DISCO BALL was the first performer to leave The Masked Dancer! Once the panelists asked their questions, it was time for their final guesses. Brian thought it was LL Cool J, while Ken thought it was Smokey Robinson. Paula guessed Ving Rhames, while Ashley thought it was Lionel Richie.  

The Disco Ball turned out to be…ICE T!

On Wednesday, January 6, Group B enters the competition!

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