The Evil Queen returns to Storybrooke as “Once Upon A Time” begins Season Six

The resurrected Evil Queen plans to start a war! (Photo property of ABC Studios & Kitsis/Horowitz)

The resurrected Evil Queen plans to start a war! (Photo property of ABC Studios & Kitsis/Horowitz Productions)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

Welcome back to Storybrooke, Oncers!

If you have watched ABC’s fairy tale drama since day one, you probably know that the series’ first villains were Mr. Gold and Regina, the Evil Queen.

While Mr. Gold is still sinister, the Evil Regals, Regina’s fan base, have been following the former Evil Queen’s long road to redemption. From forgiving her wicked family members (Cora and Zelena) to forging meaningful relationships with Emma, Henry, and Robin Hood, Regina has evolved from villain to anti-hero to full blown hero.

However, during the last episodes of Season Five, fans were worried that Regina was going to a complete 180 and go back to the dark side. Zelena’s ex-boyfriend and the Lord of the Underworld, Hades, killed Robin Hood using his brother, Zeus’s omnipotent thunderbolt. While Zelena saved Regina and destroyed Hades, Storybrooke remained on egg shells as everyone feared that the Evil Queen would emerge from Regina’s soul.

After a wild quest that took them to New York City, the Charmings and their allies were able to separate their new friend, Dr. Jekyll, from his wicked alter ego, using Jekyll’s formula. Luckily, they were able to give it to Regina, and she successfully separated herself from the murderous monarch and crushed her heart. Unfortunately, the villainous Hyde confronted Regina in Storybrooke and forewarned that “darkness is not as easy to snuff out.” It turned out that the Evil Queen survived the ordeal and announced to a shaken Dragon that a new war was coming to Storybrooke!

Will the heroes be able to save their town from Hyde, the rogues from the Land of Untold Stories, and the Evil Queen? Read on to find out!

The season kicked off in Agrabah where someone was racing Jafar to get to Aladdin. The unknown man pleaded with Aladdin, but the man known as Aladdin was no more. Jafar transfigured the man and taunted the savior. Aladdin begged his foe to kill him, but the sorcerer stated that he would watch him suffer. As Jafar gleefully left, Aladdin’s hands began to shake violently.

Back in the real world, viewers caught Captain Swan having their first make-out session in their new home. While Emma questioned the pirate about Henry and her folks’ whereabouts, Hook reassured her about their locations and began to continue having sex. However, their house started to shake. Once they got outside, they found an unknown floating ship directly about the house!

Almost everyone in Storybrooke raced to an open field, where Jekyll revealed that the ship was from the Land of Untold Stories.  Hyde suddenly appeared and reminded everyone that Storybrooke was his town because Gold gave it to him in exchange for information to cure Belle. As he gloated away from the group, Emma and Regina unleashed their magic and tried to restrain Hyde, but failed. Hyde chuckled and warned the town that “nothing is more dangerous than an untold story and the people who don’t want them told.” The gang investigated the vessel’s crash and found no one. As the group searched for the Land of Untold Stories residents, Emma’s hands began to shake violently.

As the Storybrooke residents began to plot against Hyde, Mr. Gold began his quest to wake up his beloved wife: Belle. In a flashback, Hyde told Gold to head to the Temple of Morpheus. The vile thug stated that Gold will find sands that will help him walk in Belle’s dreams.  Gold arrived at the temple and released Belle from Pandora’s Box.  Gold sprinkled the sand across himself and his wife and found himself transported into Belle’s dreams. However, Morpheus was waiting for the Crocodile and welcomed him to Belle’s dream world.

Morpheus brought Gold to his castle and warned him that Belle was as a prisoner as a dream. He also told the Beast that he had one hour to wake Belle up, or she would be back in the sleeping curse’s clutches. Gold told Morpheus that his love for Belle and his unborn child would never be a lie. Rumple did everything in his power to make his wife fall in love with him, but Morpheus revealed his actual game and dropped a massive bomb: that he was their son! Both of them were shocked, and Morpheus gave his mother the truth about Gold. After she woke up, Gold stated that they were going back to Storybrooke and Belle said that she would not start a family with him.

Back in Storybrooke, Regina checked in with Zelena and Baby Robin, who moved in with her sister. While Zelena wanted to help out, Regina asked her to stay with the baby. As she locked up her vault, Snow met up with Regina and told her that Jekyll’s weapon was ready. The group was able to subdue Hyde, but the brute almost choked Regina because Emma was reliving one of her nightmares.  Hyde knew that Emma was trying to hide her condition from everyone and the creature stated that he would be waiting.

Snow and Charming sent Archie to help out Emma. While Archie gave her advice, it was not helpful. Emma visited Hyde in his cell and asked the brute to help her out. Hyde revealed that he knew about Emma’s battle in her mind. Emma told Hyde about her prison experience and offered a deal remain a prisoner or help her.  After Hyde had failed to charge her, he stated that she would have to follow a little red bird to solve her problem.

While Emma was on her journey, Regina and Zelena returned to the Mayor’s Office, but it leads to a confrontation that lead to Regina blamed her sister for Robin’s death. An angry Zelena blamed her sister for going to Snow White to rip out her Evil Queen side, which reminded the Wicked Witch of her former self.

As Zelena departed, the Charmings found some of the Land of Untold Stories visitors and advised them to go to Granny’s. Meanwhile, Hook saw Emma’s hands shaking and begged his true love to fill him in. While Emma shrugged him off, the red bird arrived and took Emma to meet a mysterious woman who told the Savior that the visions that she was seeing were part of her future.

The woman was an oracle and stated that carrying the future was a significant burden. In the future, Emma lost a major battle with a hooded figure, and she was killed. As the Oracle disappeared, Emma went back to Hyde who also revealed that the villain is coming and advised her that she should not help her family anymore.

As Emma met Hook at Granny’s, Regina bonded with Snow about hope and their past and vowed that she would create a new story of hope. Back at her home, Zelena got a visitor: the Evil Queen!

Next week, the sisters take Storybrooke by storm!

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