The Charmings’ secret destroys their family on “Once Upon A Time”

Snow and Charming's secret revealed

Snow and Charming’s dark secret is revealed! How did their loved ones handle the shocking revelation? (Photo property of ABC)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

This season, Storybrooke faces its greatest challenge yet!

Mr. Gold has recruited his old students, the Queens of Darkness (Ursula, Cruella de Vil and a resurrected Maleficent), on his quest to find the Author of the Once Upon A Time storybook.

Their plan: covert Emma Swan to the dark side. By making Emma evil, the villains would shift the balance of power and they would finally receive their happy endings.

However, the only villain that has so far received her happy ending is Ursula! With the help of Ariel, Captain Hook was able to fulfill his obligation to the Sea Witch and not only reunite her with her estranged father, Poseidon, but also gave back her beautiful singing voice.

While the unholy alliance may have lost a member, they are still resolute about fulfilling their vengeful quest. One member that is determined to see the heroes suffer the most is Maleficent. The Mistress of All Evil lost her baby to the Charmings and the fairy tale super couple has hidden this secret from their family.

But, tonight…all hell will break loose when that secret is revealed!

How did the Charmings lose Maleficent’s baby? What were Emma and Henry’s reactions? Did Maleficent (and perhaps both Gold and Regina) finally get their wish? Read on to find out…

In the Enchanted Forest, Snow and Charming learned that Maleficent’s prediction came true when they touched a horn of a white unicorn. While Snow refused to share her secret with Charming, they helped a Peddler. The Peddler revealed that Maleficent laid an egg and guided them to the Sorcerer’s Apprentice’s shack.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice confirmed that both snow and Charming’s visions would come true. Snow begged the Sorcerer’s Apprentice to do something and the warlock revealed that there was an irreversible way to banish darkness from their unborn baby was to put it into another vessel.

Snow and Charming outsmarted Ursula and Cruella and made their way to Maleficent’s lair. They found an egg and a very protective Maleficent, who was shocked about the duo kidnapping her child. In a short battle, they got away and promised to give back the Mistress of All Evil: her unborn child.

Using Maleficent’s child as the vessel, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice transported the child from the Enchanted Forest. When the spell was cast, an enraged Ursula and Cruella confronted the duo and fell into the portal.

Back at the castle, the Charmings revealed that they shared that their decision was haunting them. Charming convinced their wife that they will seek redemption…but it will take a while.

Meanwhile, in present day Storybrooke, Regina and Emma transported August to the Blue Fairy and the former Evil Queen needed to report back the unholy trinity. Back at Charming’s apartment, Hook spilled the beans about Gold’s plan about darkening Emma’s heart. The adults all panicked about Emma’s fate and the Charmings were having second thoughts about leaving everyone in the dark.

At the Villains’ lair, Rumple and the remaining Queens of Darkness questioned Regina’s motives. She gave them a photo of the Author’s hiding place and the quartet got to work. Maleficent put everyone in the town to sleep, which gave them a maniacal head start.

As they walked the forest, Maleficent offered a counter deal for Gold’s delight about her lost baby. While they talked, Snow and Charming discovered that the entire town fell victim to Maleficent’s sleeping curse. As Regina, Rumple and the Queens raided the Charmings’ apartment, they found that the Storybook was missing and that Henry was also awake. Gold threatened Regina with her son’s life, if the former Evil Queen did not fall in line.

While Snow and Charming watched the villains go their separate ways, Henry revealed his location to his grandparents. As the Charmings headed to the Sorcerer’s Mansion, Henry found the key to the portal. Unfortunately, Regina and her friends arrived and using his full name: “Henry Daniel Mills,” the Evil Queen’s adopted son handed over the page. Little did the witches, Regina and Henry deceived them the wrong page. As a delighted Cruella and Maleficent left the study, Henry watched his mother’s body language as she stated: “I got this!”

Snow and Charming slowly destroyed their family as they lied to Henry, as they planned to destroy the book. As Snow exclaimed that they were turning into Gold. Rumple visited his sleeping love at his shop and confessed that he still loved her and would come back for her. When the Queens arrived, Regina’s deception was revealed and Gold angrily ordered Regina to be knocked the former Evil Queen unconscious.

Just as the Charmings’ mountain of lies continued to grow, Snow had second thoughts and begged her husband not to do it and it was time to face the consequences. As the Charmings spilled the entire story to their daughter, an enraged Emma left the apartment.

Hook managed to find Emma and revealed that August was awake. Meanwhile, Maleficent begged Gold to tell her about the location of her child. Rumple told her that the news might break her heart. Maleficent refused to back down and Gold revealed that the Mistress of All Evil’s daughter is not only alive…but revealed to be Emma’s first friend: Lily!

As Emma reunited with August, he revealed that there was more than one author. He also revealed that the Sorcerer’s Apprentice trapped the Author after manipulating the stories. It turned out that the Peddler that Snow and Charming met back in the Enchanted Forest.

In two weeks, Robin Hood and Zelena return!




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