The “American Idol” Top Seven sing “American Classics”

American Idol Season 14 Top 7

The “American Idol” Top Seven tackled two “American Classics” for your votes. (Photo property of FOX)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

Do you remember earlier this season that Idol wanted their fans to suggest tracks for their contestants to perform on stage?

Tonight, the Top Seven took the stage to deliver their takes on several iconic songs from this country’s greatest artists.

With the finale inching closer, one wrong note, song or performance could cost the artists, not only the entire competition, but for two of them…a spot on this year’s American Idol tour!

Which artists were saved by your votes? Who needed to be saved via Twitter save? Read on to find out…

Tyanna Jones kicked off the evening! As Idol mentor Scott Borchetta taught her Superstar 101, she tackled “Why Do Fools Fall in Love.” While she delivered a solid vocal, Tyanna was unable to connect with me. This could be a huge problem in the next coming weeks, if she does not solve it! C+

Up next was this year’s golden boy, Clark Beckham! I thought that the scatting at the beginning of “Superstition” was an interesting choice. This was an intriguing, but superb arrangement of the song and it was actually one of his better performances in the Live Rounds. Plus, to get a “No Critique” from Harry…Clark must be getting something right. A-

Jax has been having serious problems in the last couple of weeks! The judges were divided with her performances and there were vocal problems in several songs. I was very surprised that Jax tackled Janis Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart.” Jax severely missed the bar with this performance, because she lacked the conviction that Haley Reinhart displayed four years ago and both the determination and passion that Melissa Etheridge had in her iconic Grammy performance. Luckily, she had one more song to perform before I could write her off from voting consideration! C-

Like Jax, Nick has had some struggles in past weeks and received hard remarks from the judges (particularly Harry). For his first song of the night, Nick tackled Tom Petty’s “American Girl.” While I have not heard of the track before, Nick made the track his own and delivered the firepower I have been looking for all evening. B+

With Nick safely in the Top Six, this left Joey Cook, Rayvon Owen and Quentin Alexander in the Bottom Three! Quentin took the fifth spot in the Top Six. The New Orleans native tackled Lenny Kravitz’s “Are You Gonna Go My Way” and while he rocked out, I could not get the astonishing covers that former Idol contestant and Voice artist Jamar Rogers or the current Voice coaches line-up did out of my head. His artistry was superb, but I agreed with Harry…the band outshined him! B-

Before Quentin left the stage, he pouted on-air that seeing both Joey and Rayvon in jeopardy was “whack.” I also thought that Harry Connick Jr was WAY OUT OF LINE with his confrontation with Quentin. Before the Idol Twitter Save was activated, each artist had their chance to prove why they were worthy of the save! Joey kicked off the round by singing “My Funny Valentine.” While her version was nice piece of ear candy, it was not as strong as Melinda Doolittle’s iconic interpretation! C+

During his rehearsal with Scott Borchetta, the Big Machine Label Group head recommended that Rayvon brought out the fight during the first few notes. While it was an interesting song choice, his cover of the Doobie Brothers’ “Long Train Runnin” did not connect with me as a viewer. If he does not impress me the next round, he might head home! D+

Clark Beckman kicked off Round Two with a song that I rarely hear on Reality TV: Andy Williams’ gorgeous “Moon River.” It was a fantastic rendition and his cover really was a great device to ease the tension that Harry and Quentin unleashed earlier in the show. B+

Tyanna got to tackle Tina Turner during round two! She delivered a show-stopping performance of The Queen of Rock’s “Proud Mary.” Tyanna woke me up from my slumber with her beautiful vocal range and show-stopping dance moves. BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE NIGHT! A+

Nick had the daunting task of tackling Billy Joel’s “Only The Good Die Young.” This track was amazingly done last season by Team Adam on that other show. I thought that it was intriguing that Nick changed the tempo of the track and it finally gave Nick the moment we have been waiting for a couple of weeks! A

I have one word to describe Quentin Alexander’s cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence.” That word: PERFECTION! A+

Jax electrified the stage with her interpretation of Fall Out Boy/Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.” She definitely shocked me with this performance and delivered multiple vocal power-punches. I am glad that Jax ran around the stage and let loose because it was as Keith stated: “It was contagious!” B

For the past couple of weeks, Rayvon has had the misfortune of being in the bottom thrice. As Scott said to Ryan before Mr. Owen sang, “he had to deliver the performance of his life!” His heartfelt take on Willie Nelson’s “Always On My Mind” tugged at my heartstrings and gave me chills. B

I was shocked at Joey’s last song choice: “Somebody to Love.” It was a complete 90-degree opposite from what Jess Meuse did last year! Her vocals were crisp and transformed the rock track into a folk rock anthem. If Joey left tonight, she would have left on a high note! B+

After an intense round of voting, viewers voted Rayvon to receive the Idol Save! Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Joey!

Next week, the “American Idol” Top Six must perform Arena Anthems!

Meanwhile, U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team members Abby Wambach & Alex Morgan will deliver a “very special announcement” that might shake “Idol’s” foundation to its core.

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