The 20 Best Aretha Franklin Collaborations-Part One

Aretha Franklin performed her classic: "Chain of Fools" with Mariah Carey at the 1998 VH1 Divas Live. Photo property of Marion Curtis.

By: Jacob Elyachar


As music legend Aretha Franklin prepares to celebrate her 70th birthday on Sunday, will honor the Queen of Soul’s milestone birthday by counting down some of her best songs and collaborations throughout her multi-decade career.    In this four-part series, I will examine her best collaborations with today’s superstars and music icons.


20.  Put You Up on Game (with Fantasia; 2007)


American Idol winner Fantasia was able to duet with her personal idol for an impeccable duet that was recorded for the latter’s 2007 Jewels in the Crown: All-Star Duets with the Queen album.   This song was about advice about romance and this duet featured both women singing in their higher vocal registers, which would excite any R&B fan.


To listen to this duet, click here:


19. What Y’All Came to Do (with John Legend; 2007)


Another new song that was recorded for the album was “What Y’All Came to Do.”  This song saw Aretha collaborate with nine-time Grammy Winner John Legend.   “What Y’All Came to Do” fused three musical genres: R&B, jazz and gospel that brought this song to life.


Click here to listen to Franklin and Legend’s collaboration:


18.  Just to See Her (with Smokey Robinson; 1993)


When two music legends come together and sing a song live, there is always sparks of electricity that audience members and production staff can feel throughout the venue.   This duet between the Queen of Soul and the King of Motown brought music listeners on the edge of their seats.


To watch this superb duet, click here:


17. Chain of Fools (with Mariah Carey; 1998)


One of the many highlights from 1998’s VH1 Divas Live special was this once-in-a-lifetime duet between Franklin and one of her heirs to her musical legacy: Mariah Carey.   This duet brought the crowd to its feet as both Carey and Franklin showed off their vocals in a non-competitive way and delighted music lovers.


Click here to watch the legendary duet between the two divas:


16. Sweet 16 (with B.B. King and Jack Jones; 1979)


Aretha’s last group performance of the 1970s saw her collaborate with actor/singer Jack Jones and legendary bluesman B.B. King.   This collaboration featured incredible high notes and scat singing that impressed audience members and music lovers.


To watch this memorable performance, click here:

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