Team Xtina and Team Adam are front & center for the conclusion of “The Voice” playoffs

Team Christina The Voice Season Eight

Team Christina delivered unbelievable performances during the second night of “The Voice: Season Eight” Live Playoffs. (Photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

One of my favorite relationships that I love watching on The Voice is Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera!

Ever since Season One, the “Moves Like Jagger” collaborators (also known as Adamtina to hardcore Voice fans) have loved, hated and bickered with each other and provided hours of entertainment for viewers, artists and Blake Sheltons alike!

Combined, they have produced the most successful post-Voice alums. Frenchie Davis, Tony Lucca, Chris Mann, Kim Yarbrough, Amanda Brown, Judith Hill, Amber Carrington, Will Champlin, Jacquie Lee and Matt McAndrew are among the artists that benefited from their respective mentor’s coaching!

Tonight, an omnipotent Team Christina and the underdogs of this season: Team Adam-took the stage!

Did they reach the high bar of expectations set by both Team Blake and Team Pharrell?  Read on to find out…

Before the artists took the stage, former Team Christina Season One guest adviser: the elusive singer-songwriter Sia Furler took the stage. She performed her latest single: “Elastic Heart.” While Sia hid behind her long blond hair, the “Titanium” singer perfectly executed a breath-taking performance.

Team Adam’s powerhouse Tonya Boyd-Cannon kicked off night two of The Voice: Season Eight Live Playoffs! The song that she tackled is probably one of the biggest Elton John songs of all-time. In fact, Fantasia and Joshua Ledet slayed the beast known as “Take Me To The Pilot” during the American Idol: Season 11 finale. While I did not like the slow tempo beginning, I am so glad that Tonya got to show off her lower register. It was a very nice way to open the show! B+

Folk rocker Joshua Davis earned a new home during the Battle Rounds after Adam stole him from Team Blake. Adam’s strategy of using songs that the American public hasn’t heard before have helped his artists get to the Top Six and it might happen again after Joshua delivered a superb cover of George Erza’s “Budapest.” I also noticed that there were shades of Paul Simon in his voice and I think the “Cecilia” singer would be proud of Joshua. B+

Sonic had the challenge to open Team Christina for the Live Playoffs. Xtina chose “I’m Goin’ Down” for Sonic to perform. I hope that Sonic was able to at least watch her mentor’s performance with fellow Team Xtina Season Two singer Sera Hill because they knocked it out of the park! While there were some sharp notes during her performance, she did not butcher the song like Emmanuel Zidor did last season on American Idol. I also hope that The Voice Powers-That-Be retires this song in the future. B-

In addition to Joshua Davis, Adam also stole Brian Johnson away from Blake during the Knockouts. Brian tackled Billy Vera’s “At This Moment.” At first, I would have given him a Billy Joel or Lionel Richie track to perform…but I was proven wrong. Brian proved his worth on Team Adam with a performance that showcased excellent phrasing and superb showmanship. B+

Team Christina’s Kimberly Nichole is one lucky girl! She got to premiere a song that made its debut on The Voice. Xtina gave the former Team Pharrell singer—4 Non-Blondes’ “What’s Up.” Thank you, Linda Perry for giving your blessing to Xtina…because Kimberly delivered an astonishing vocal performance. I got chills when Kimberly sang the first few notes and to see all four coaches on their feet was awesome. I really hope that she makes the Top 12, because she made Voice history as she delivered one of the greatest performances in the NBC singing competition’s history! A+

Team Adam The Voice Season Eight

Unfortunately, Team Adam disappointed me with their song selections! (Photo property of NBC)

It is very hard for anyone to follow a show-stopping performance, but Team Christina’s latest member, Lexi Davila, had to prove herself worthy to make it into the Top 12. Xtina gave Lexi—Celine Dion’s “All By Myself.” This is one of the most difficult songs to sing for an artist (look at Pia Toscano’s rendition on Idol). While Lexi could have given us a carbon copy version of the “Taking Chances” singer’s signature songs, she put her angst into her vocals and showcased some amazing notes from her upper register that made this one of my favorite performances of the night! A

I do not know what is Team Adam’s fascination with Nick Jonas tunes! He gave Chris Jamison-“Jealous” last season and now he gave Nathan Hermida-“Chains.” I have one word to describe this performance and the word is “Awkward.” Nathan drowned on the stage and it was very painful to my ears! F

Since she stepped onto The Voice stage, India Carney became an instant fan-favorite. Xtina gave India her song “Hurt” to sing. It is a big risk to sing a coach’s song at this stage of the competition, but India delivered an impeccable vocal performance. Her fiery vocals gave me chills, brought me to tears, cemented her place in the Top 12 and joined Kimberly’s “What’s Up” in the Greatest Voice Performances of All-Time! A+

I admit that I have been jealous of Rob Taylor’s vocal ability and that my comments up into this point have been a little nasty. But, Rob has earned my respect after his superior performance of The Weeknd’s “Earned It.” After hearing Rob’s arm hair-raising performance, I now believe that Rob has earned the right to join India and Kim in Xtina’s Top Three. A

Team Adam’s Deanna Johnson closed out the show with Alison Krauss’s “Down to the River to Pray.” I am so happy that Adam finally helped Deanna with her nerves, because she delivered her team’s best vocal performance of the night. I believe that we are just seeing the beginning of an impeccable journey that might take her to the Top Five. A-

Tomorrow night, “The Voice: Season Eight” Top 12 will be revealed!

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