Team Adam tackles “The Voice: Season 13” Playoffs

Team Adam The Voice Season 13

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By: Jacob Elyachar,

(Editor’s Note: My source for “The Voice” coverage, MJs’ Big Blog, stated that Team Adam will perform tonight and that Team Miley will perform tomorrow night. We apologize in advance)

All eyes were on Team Adam tonight as The Voice: Season 13 Playoffs continued.

Who did the “Don’t Wanna Know” singer-songwriter advance to next week’s live shows? Which artist did Adam give one final chance to sing their way back into the competition as Team Miley’s comeback artist? Read on to find out!

Team Adam newbie Adam Cunningham kicked off the night with his cover of the late Joe Cocker’s “Have a Little Faith in Me.” Adam has a mighty voice that shook the Universal Studios Hollywood soundstage. He gave me chills with his performance and received the first four coach standing ovation of the night! A

Whitney Fenimore was saved by her former coach after Miley Cyrus eliminated her in the Knockouts. She tackled Sheryl Crow’s “If It Makes You Happy” and it was a bad vocal. My ears were not ready to deal with Whitney’s rough voice, and when she tried to go to her upper register, it was awful! F

Four years ago, Candice Glover’s life was changed forever when she covered The Cure’s “Love Song during American Idol’s 12th season! She gave one of the best vocal performances in the history of Reality TV talent competition shows. For any artist to attempt to cover this song,  good luck and do not mess this up! When I heard Emily Luther perform this song, my expectations were astronomical. While Emily delivered a superb vocal that had a “Feeling Good” theme behind it, it was not good enough to knock Candice from her top spot. B+

Anthony Alexander sang Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” to stay on Team Adam. As much as I like Anthony, I found the performance very dull. The song did not fit him vocally; I would have given him a track from Harry Styles, Niall Horan, or Zayn song to perform. Also, he did do any vocal gymnastics that would capture the viewers’ imagine. Sorry, Anthony! C-

Jon Mero should have watched his fellow Billy Gilman audition for Season 11 because Billy delivered one of the best male vocal performances in show history that caught the attention of all four coaches. Jon surprised me with his performance, while he did not have the same intensity of Billy’s performance, he did an excellent job with his vocals. In fact, I would be interested in seeing Jon and Billy perform this song as a duet in the future. A-

Ever since I saw Season Six’s Audra McLaughlin perform “Angel from Montgomery” during the Blind Auditions, I hold anyone who sings this song to a high standard. Addison Agen tackled this song for her playoff performance. While she did not give me chills as Audra did three years ago, I loved how she weaved Ms. Raitt’s beautiful story, and as Blake said, she had a lot of character in her voice. I do see her as a potential finalist and probably The Voice’s Carrie Underwood. A-

Adam decided to bring Jon Mero, Addison Agen, and Adam Cunningham to the Season 13 live shows!

Tomorrow night, Team Miley concludes the Season 13 Playoffs!


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