The Spell of Shattered Sight takes over Storybrooke

By: Jacob Elyachar, Ingrid the Snow Queen is about to unleash the greatest evil Storybrooke has ever seen! The Snow Queen’s infamous Spell of Shattered Sight brings out the darkness in anyone. She even transformed Anna from one of the nicest characters in the Disney franchise into a mini Cora during the two-hour episode: […]

The Snow Queen makes her presence known on “OUAT”

By: Jacob Elyachar, Watch out, Elsa! There is another woman with icy powers in Storybrooke! Her name is the Snow Queen! Last week, viewers were briefly introduced to this new icy menace (Elizabeth Mitchell). How is she connected to Arendale’s queen? Does she know what happened to Anna? What sinister plans does she have […]

Elsa freezes Storybrooke on“OUAT”

By: Jacob Elyachar, Last week, Frozen’s Princess Elsa arrived in Storybrooke! She was looking for answers on how to save her sister, Anna! However, the misunderstood princess making her presence known as she unleashed a snow monster that Regina defeated. As the Ice Princess solidified her quest to find her sister, two of the […]

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