Captain Swan goes on a date while Anna fights Rumple on “OUAT”

  By: Jacob Elyachar, Ever since Emma accidentally brought Marian and Elsa to Storybrooke, Captain Hook has been put in the Savior’s backburner. However, our favorite lovesick pirate also made an interesting discovery! He learned that the truth about Rumple’s dagger and blackmailed the Pawn Shop owner to help him or else he would […]

The Snow Queen makes her presence known on “OUAT”

By: Jacob Elyachar, Watch out, Elsa! There is another woman with icy powers in Storybrooke! Her name is the Snow Queen! Last week, viewers were briefly introduced to this new icy menace (Elizabeth Mitchell). How is she connected to Arendale’s queen? Does she know what happened to Anna? What sinister plans does she have […]

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