Storybrooke goes psycho on “Once Upon A Time”

The Evil Queen returns to OUAT

Under the influence of the Spell of Shattered Sight, Regina devolved into her old self: The Evil Queen! (Photo property of ABC)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

“You better watch out! You better not cry! You better not pout…I am telling you why: Storybrooke has gone psycho because of Shattered Sight!”

Ingrid the Snow Queen’s icy spell has landed and devolved the residents’ minds. For some, it brought their worst attributes back…(welcome back, Evil Queen…we missed your dark nastiness). Others experienced what it was like being the bad guy for the first time. (Did anyone felt sorry for Henry, Kristoff and the Charmings?)

The only people immune to the spell were Emma, Elsa and Anna! While the Snow Queen’s magic ribbons protected her “sisters”, Anna was invulnerable because of her past experience with the dark enchantment.

Were the Savior and the Frozen princesses successful at reversing the curse? Read on to find out…

As the Snow Queen watched her damage, Snow and Charming dueled and Kristoff yelled at Anna. A heartbroken Anna told the girls that the only way to save everyone was to kill the Snow Queen. While Emma and Elsa chased after Ingrid, Regina planned her triumphant return as the Evil Queen and Gold ordered Hook to go back into the chaos and retrieve his grandson.

The women went after Ingrid and found out that they could not hurt her with the yellow ribbons on their wrists. Ingrid’s “sisters” deduced that the only way to be free from the Snow Queen’s grip was to counteract the curse with the hatred of someone who hates Emma’s guts the most…. the recently re-powered Evil Queen!

Emma and Elsa arrived at Regina’s vault and found the Evil Queen waiting for her! Using Marian as bait, Regina’s magic destroyed the ribbons and the girls raced out of the Vault. A fiery Evil Queen hi-tailed it to the Police station, Hook tried to retrieve Henry (affected by the Spell of Shattered Sight). While Emma’s son pulled a Home Alone on Hook, Will Scarlett tried to give him a shiner.

An enraged Regina arrived at the Police Station hoping to kill Emma, but she got a much better surprise…Snow and Charming locked in a cage and with Anna babysitting an unarmed baby Neal. After, the Evil Queen transported the Frozen couple away; she wickedly made a move towards her longtime nemesis’ spawn and (briefly) the Charmings’ true selves showed through.

Emma and Elsa confronted the Snow Queen in her lair and the icy villainess tried to reason with them with their precious bonding memories. As the Snow Queen tried to tempt the heroines, Regina and Snow dueled in one epic sword fight that destroyed Emma’s office.

Just as the Snow Queen tried to tempt Emma and Elsa with the memories, Anna raced into Ingrid’s lair and shared a special letter that their mother wrote. Her final wishes were to let everyone in Arendelle to remember her sisters and celebrate what made both Ingrid and Elsa different.

Realizing what she has done, the Snow Queen took back the Spell of Shattered Sight and reunited with her sisters in the afterlife. Her magic revived the entire town and everyone was back to normal. However, Mr. Gold moved forward with his plan to conquer the world.

Next week, Mr. Gold’s plan comes to fruition, Anna and Elsa head home and the Dark Queens of Magic are introduced!

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