Stars come out during “AGT: Season Nine” Week Three Quarterfinals

The "AGT: Season Nine" quarterfinalists took a break from rehearsals to take a group selfie. (Photo property of NBC)

The “AGT: Season Nine” quarterfinalists took a break from rehearsals to take a group selfie. (Photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

It is only week three of the Live Shows and already there have been some controversial decisions made by the judges!

From the inclusion of Juan Carlos in this year’s live shows to the surprising eliminations of frontrunners Acte II and Flight Crew Jump Rope, fans have been complaining about the work ethics of Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howard Stern on social media.

Hopefully, the judges will not be harsh this week as 12 more acts aim for five spots in this year’s semifinals!

Which acts pleased? Who faltered? Read on to find out…

Before the show kicked off, Howie paid tribute to the late Robin Williams. He hoped that the next generation of talent lit a small light to fill the huge void that Robin left behind.

Dragon House “The Agents”: Over the past couple of years, several members of the iconic dance house have dominated So You Think You Can Dance! This year, “The Agents” pushed their luck and set their sights on the Radio City Music Hall stage. They had the opportunity to kick off the show! Their Matrix-like presentation had a lot of cool choreography and they brought animation to a whole another level. B+

Anna Clendening: Anna Clendening’s cover of “Hallelujah” gave me goose bumps! The Chapel Hill, North Carolina native was the second artist on a reality TV show to tackle Christina Perri’s “Human.” To be honest, she scorched whoever sang that song on Rising Star. She gave me chills and had a lovely tone in her voice. Howie stated that to her that “You are so important to be here” and Heidi added that she felt passion in her voice. A-

Cornell Bhangra: This group is the inaugural winner of Today’s Got Talent. While several early risers have voted them through, Cornell University’s Bhangra dance troupe had to prove they were ready for prime time television. I could not stop smiling while watching their debut performance on the Radio City Music Hall stage! Their colorful and joyful energies filled the room and received standing ovations from Mel B & Heidi Klum. A+

Kieran and Finian Makepeace: The California brothers were the next act to take the stage. While they have a strong story (and I send my prayers to their father), they should have worked on their harmonies. They butchered their acoustic-turned-rock interpretation of Ellie Goulding’s “Lights.” It was just plain bland! D+

Mike Super: This mystifier combines magic with his spirit energy (Desmond) shocked everyone in the audition rounds. He brought to Mel B to the stage to meet him. After Scary Spice was sat down onto the stage, he “put” Desmond into her. This was just unbelievable! Mel B was scared out of her mind, but is it enough for a $1,000,000 act? I don’t think so! B

Adrian Romoff: One of this year’s breakout talents was Adrian Romoff. This piano prodigy exploded to life during the first night of AGT auditions. He showcased his versatility in classical music through “Chopsticks” and a concerto that made me smile! He is his generation’s Mozart and Beethoven who received a standing ovation from Heidi and was called a “fabulous entertainer” by Howard. A

AcroArmy: 17 acrobats from all over the country came together as one supergroup to deliver an astonishing performance! To the group’s founder, Arthur Davis…you did an incredible job with these performers! I was in awe with their choreography and loved the way that they incorporated Lorde’s haunting cover of “Once Upon A Dream” into this Maleficent-inspired routine! One of my favorite performances of the night! A+

Wendi Liebman: For more 25 years, Wendi Liebman entertained audiences across the country with her stand-up act. But, she put her career on hold to raise her family. Her material focused on perfume, the judges’ presence on social media and age! She made me smile and laugh…plus, Wendi received the first all-four judges’ standing ovation of the night! A

Sons of Serendip: This unique music group performed a haunting cover of Chris Issak’s “Wicked Game.” I was so impressed with their performance! Congrats, guys! You were the first act this season to make me cry! It would be a darn shame that this group does not make it to the finale! A+

Blue Journey: This duo transported the audience to another world! They gracefully moved across the stage and told a spectacular journey. By receiving a standing ovation from all four judges, I think they just gave Aerial Animation a run for her money. A

Christian Stoinev: Like Blue Journey, I enjoy Christian but with Andrey Moraru already in the Semifinals and AcroArmy’s show-stopping performance, I honestly believe that there is not enough room for him in this year’s semifinals. Unfortunately, with all of the acts that I have seen tonight…Christian delivered a subpar performance. C

Paul Ieti: Our favorite solider closed the night of incredible talent! I am very impressed that Paul transformed One Direction’s “You and I” into a touching ballad. His falsetto was beautiful and his vocals tugged at my heartstrings. This was one of the season’s best vocal performances. A-

Acts that I enjoyed tonight: AcroArmy, Adrian Romoff, Blue Journey, Cornell Bhangra, Paul Ieti, Sons of Serendip & Wendi Liebman

Tomorrow night, last year’s Final Two: Kenichi Ebina and Taylor Williamson return to the Radio City Music Hall stage to provide the entertainment.




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