Sofia Vergara Finds Her Golden Buzzer Act on ‘AGT 17’

Sofia Vergara poses during a AGT taping. (Photo by & property of NBC’s Trae Patton)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

Since joining AGT in 2020, actress Sofia Vergara has been a breath of fresh air for NBC’s long-running talent competition. She has fantastic chemistry with the veteran on-camera team – host Terry Crews and veteran judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel. Plus, her Golden Buzzer picks – Season 15’s Roberta Battaglia and Season 16’s Jimmie Herrod – have made it to their respective finals.   

Tonight, the Machete Kills and Modern Family star selected her Golden Buzzer act to join saxophonist Avery Dixon and young singers Madison Taylor Baez and Sara James at the Season 17 live shows. Which act received the life-changing gift? Read on to find out!

The Cubcakes Dance Crew kicked off the fourth week of auditions with high energy, and Sofia Vergara called the audition “perfection.” Simon loved their personalities as well. They received the first set of four Yeses of the evening. Meanwhile, a nervous Ethan Jan instructed the judges to scramble their different Rubik’s cubes. The audience’s jaws dropped as Ethan put together all four Rubik’s cubes back to normal. He even rode a unicycle as well. Sofia called it “surprising,” and Simon admired his showmanship. Ethan received the second set of four yeses of the evening.

After Howie, Heidi, and Sofia worked on their social media content, 19-year-old Kristen Cruz got tongue-tied with Terry Crews. The Crawley, Texas native developed a massive social media following during the pandemic with her singing and making protein drinks simultaneously. Kristen sang “I See Red,” and I was blown away by her massive voice. All four judges gave her a standing ovation, and Heidi said she wanted Kristen’s voice. Kristen received the magical four “Yeses.”

AGT turned into the comedy hour. Chris James talked about breaking a fight and received four Yeses. At the same time, Connor King attempted to bring the edge with jokes about his drug-dealing father, that only received support from Simon and the ladies (as Howie gave him a “No”). Finally, Lace Larrabee delivered a fiery set that roasted her parents and threatened to send them to a “cute little nursing home.” Lace received a standing ovation from Howie and the ladies. Howie loved her rhythm and noted that Sofia asked in the middle of the act if her parents were still together, which made it better. Lace received four “Yeses” and a hug from Connor. 

Jannick Holste pranced onto the AGT stage, wearing a silvery jacket that Heidi almost wore. The 19-year-old German admitted that he was a stan of the legendary supermodel and called her “perfect.” In addition to being a dancing instructor, he is also studying mathematics. He wanted to win AGT and travel around the world with Heidi. The judges were startled when the crew brought out equipment and were confused if he would be performing dancing or magic. As Heidi’s song, “Chai Tea with Heidi,” played, Jannick performed several superb magic stunts and some intriguing choreography. This routine put a smile on my face and received a standing ovation from Heidi, Howie, and Sofia. Howie declared him – the “ultimate surprise,” while Sofia loved the “unexpected magic.” Jannick received four “Yeses” from the judges. 

Kieran Rhodes revealed to Terry Crews that he watched YouTube learn how to play piano, music, and write songs. Four years later, he was accepted into Berklee School of Music. Kieran revealed to the judges that despite being self-taught, he was a little intimidated by his peers. Tonight, he sang two songs. Kieran sang “She’s Got a Way,” and Simon stopped him. The creator wanted him to perform a piece of original music, and Kieran sang “Disengage.” I believe he has a hit on his hands as all four judges gave him a standing ovation. Also, I agree with Howie that Kieran has “star quality” about him. Kieran received the first set of 3,000 Yeses of the night!

Kristy Sellars traveled across the world from Australia to compete on AGT. The mother of three revealed that she loved pole dancing and would be the performing style. While Kristy got ready, Simon called pole dancing “pointless,” and Heidi told them how difficult pole dancing is. I loved the presentation as she combined her stunts with an impressive emersion event that involved bringing color to a black-and-white world. All four judges gave Kristy a standing ovation and a ticket to the next round. 

The biggest prize in AGT is to perform in Las Vegas! Comedian Justin Rupple wrote at 14 years old that he would perform in Sin City. He has been a comedian for 15 years and had the support of both his partners. I loved his routine and impressions, including Mark Wahlberg, Jim Carrey, Ryan Reynolds, and Seth Rogan. I laughed so hard that I was scared about waking my neighbors up. Howie called his audition “unique,” and Heidi called him “a star in the making.” He got six “yeses!” 

The Cline Twins crossed auditioning for AGT off their bucket list. The 16-year-old twins are hockey enthusiasts, and after an awkward conversation with Heidi, the twins showed off their pucks. I was bored by the performance and would press the buzzer for them, and I don’t see it as a Vegas-quality act. Unfortunately for me, the twins received four “yeses.” 

After a Disney-esque storybook opening, the Glamour Aussies took the stage. They had an interesting take on Beauty and the Beast as Sons of Serendip’s “Somewhere Only We Know” played in the background. While I am not into animal acts, the Glamour Aussies impressed me. They received the latest set of four “Yeses” of the evening. 

Testa was the latest act to bring the danger to the AGT stage. After showcasing the sharp daggers, Testa put his foot above a flame. This act grossed me out as he used the daggers as stairs to climb to a platform. Testa put a dagger onto the top rim and balanced himself. Thankfully, he survived, and Howie and the ladies gave a standing ovation. Simon linked it to watching The Omen during lunchtime. Testa advanced to the next round with four “Yeses.” 

The Mayyas was the final act of the evening. They decided to enter AGT after watching Nightbirde’s motivational Golden Buzzer audition last year. The Lebanon-based dance group revealed that they were here to show that they were strong Arab women. This dance routine blew me away, and the choreography was out of this world! It was one of the most mesmerizing auditions I have ever seen! The ladies truly earned Sofia Vergara’s Golden Buzzer. 

Next week, the auditions continue!

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