Simon Cowell goes for the Golden Buzzer

Simon Cowell Golden Buzzer

The “Got Talent” creator and judge selected his first “AGT” act to receive his Golden Buzzer. (Photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

Simon Cowell did something historic tonight on America’s Got Talent (AGT).  He pressed the American Golden Buzzer, for the very first time!

For a lot of AGT fans, it was a fantastic moment…but Simon is used to pressing the Golden Buzzer.  Since Britain’s Got Talent’s incorporation of the Golden Buzzer in 2014, the Got Talent franchise creator’s acts (singing-rapping duo Bars & Melody, singer-songwriter Calum Scott and Star Wars-inspired dance troop Boogie Storm) became viral sensations respectively and each gained an international following.

Tonight, someone joined Bars & Melody, Calum Scott and Boogie Storm in this elusive club.  Which act was it?  Read on to find out!

As Mel B got grossed by the idea of making out with Howie, husband and wife team Alfredo and Anna “Deadly Games” Silva walked on the stage. They hoped to bring the classic danger act known as knife-throwing into modern times.  After showcasing seductive poses, Anna stepped to the target area, and Alfredo began throwing the dangerous daggers. Both the judges and the AGT audience were gobsmacked as Alfredo’s impeccable aim. They even begged the act to stop as Alfredo and Anna played a game called “Dodging the Daggers” that evolved into a fiery twist. Heidi gave them a standing ovation and told them that it was thrilling, while Mel B stated that it was very entertaining in a frightfully way.  They received the first unanimous “Yes” of the evening.

While the contestants and Heidi Klum made fun of Simon’s accent, nine-year-old twins Elias and Zion charmed the judges with their pre-performance interview.  But, the duo surprised them with an amusing piano comedy that had the audience on their feet.  Their act reminded me of the second coming of twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse. Howie gave them a standing ovation and Heidi told them that they were “extremely talented.” The guys received the second unanimous “Yes” of the evening.

14-year-old Jayna Brown tackled “Summertime” for her audition. She channeled the problems that her family is dealing with back in Atlanta and delivered a knockout performance that would make Fantasia weep. She received a standing ovation from both Mel B and Heidi. Scary Spice loved her voice, while Heidi called her “fearless and fabulous.” Simon also stated that Jayna’s audition was one of his favorites from the season.  Jayna moved on to the next round with four “Yeses.”

Does anyone remember Quick Change from Season One? Well, an act that seemed to be inspired by them just auditioned for Simon and the gang. Sos and Victoria Petrosyan showcased that they were the next generation of that act. While it was interesting, they reminded me so much of Quick Change that I would have buzzed them and scolded them for infringing Quick Change’s act. They got four “yeses” from the judges and hopefully, they would be eliminated from the show!

Philadelphia Eagles long snapper Jon Dorenbos traded football for magic as he auditioned for America’s Got Talent. The 35-year-old went to the desk to do a card trick. His magic skills were impressive as he summoned the Ace through the King. Next, he asked Simon to think of a card, and he stated the “three of clubs.” After doing going a suite of clubs, he summoned a suite of hearts, diamonds, and spades! Simon called his audition: “slick” and Mel B called his act—“ shockingly good!” Howie, who gave him a standing ovation, stated that the NFL player has a “gift”, and he advanced to the next round.

When it was announced that Simon was going to judge this show, we all know how tough he was going to be with the singers. He met his match with 62-year-old Ronee Martin. The law firm assistant has over 56 years of singing experience, and she wanted to get a recording contract before she lost her gift.  While she had a great voice and did an okay cover of Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” Simon held up his hand and bluntly told her that the song was not right for her and asked for another song. For her second song, she tackled Aretha’s “Natural Woman” and she took everyone to church with her powerful upper register. Mel B gave her a standing ovation and declared her a “talented singer who was unafraid of the chorus.” Howie added that Ronee should be a star and Simon stated that she had a “fantastic voice and a great spirit.” Ronee received four yeses and a trip to the next round.

Las Vegas strongman Mika the Baron of the Universe wanted to make the best show in his hometown. While they were laughing at his initial appearance, the audience was grossed out by Mika’s act. He lifted weights with his nose and nipples. As Heidi said “No,” Mel B decided to join Simon and Howie by voting “Yes” and Mika advanced to the Judges’ Cuts.

Former middle school language arts teacher Julia Scotti never left her dreams of comedic gold behind and auditioned for the NBC talent competition. Her set dealt with aging and weight issues and her 70-year-old cousin completed a marathon, while she smoked two packs a day. Howie gave her a standing ovation and asked her why she started off late in her career, and she revealed that she was transgendered. Julia is a very brave woman and she made me laugh and smile. I am glad that Julia is going to see her dream come true.

The final audition of the night belonged to 16-year-old Caly Bevier, who was a stage three ovarian cancer survivor.  She tackled a song that appropriately fit her dream: Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song.” Caly’s voice gave me chills and this audition was the perfect way to end the evening. I am glad that Simon pressed his Golden Buzzer for her. Out of all of the Golden Buzzer acts, I have a strong feeling that we could be seeing in the Season Finale.

Next week, the auditions continue!

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