Shakira and Usher perform with their teams as “The Voice: Season Six” reveals Top Eight

Two of these coaches lost artists tonight! (Photo property of NBC)

Two of these coaches lost artists tonight! (Photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

Last night, the Top 10 performed for your votes!

Some of them soared (Christina Grimmie & Sisaundra Lewis), while others faltered (Bria Kelly & Tess Boyer)!

So which artists did you save, America? Read on to find out….

Before the results, Voice host Carson Daly officially revealed that Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani would be joining the family next season! (Can’t wait to see them in action!) Usher and his team (Josh Kaufman and Bria Kelly) tackled Lenny Kravitz’s “Always on the Run” that blended rock and soul.

After the “Scream” singer left the stage, Carson revealed that Christina Grimmie (the artist that received the iTunes bonus), Sisaundra Lewis (YAY!!!!!!!), Kristen Merlin (so happy) and Josh Kaufman (extremely excited) moved on!

Next, Team Shakira took the stage and debuted their name sake’s “The Real Thing.” As the ladies exited the stage, it was time for the first Voice confessionals where we learned that Team Blake’s Jake Worthington can wiggle his right ear, Shakira hates alarm clocks and Sisaundra Lewis can rock out a Tina Turner wig.

Before they revealed the final four artists who were saved, the audience caught a behind the scenes feature that showcased the 10 at their most vulnerable. After the touching package, Carson revealed that both Team Blake’s Audra McLaughlin and Jake Worthington and Team Adam’s Delvin Choice were the last three artists to be saved.

This meant that Bria Kelly, Kat Perkins and Tess Boyer were in the show’s Bottom Three (Shakira did look upset that Tess was in the same predicament). Bria Kelly kicked off the Save Me Round with Heart’s “Crazy on You”. I thought that Bria was screeching all over the place. C-

Tess Boyer tackled P!nk’s “Who Knew”. While she sounded better than last night, she did not bring the same excitement and power vocals that Team Christina’s De’Borah did when she sang her cover three seasons ago. C+ The last person that took the stage was Team Adam’s Kat Perkins. She tackled Grace Potter’s “Paris (Ooh La La).” While I liked Kat’s attempt, it was not as memorable as Amanda Brown’s cover. B

After the performances, the nation voted to save….Team Adam’s Kat Perkins.

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