Queen Latifah Joins ‘AGT: Season 14’ For Last Semifinals

Actress, rapper, & singer Queen Latifah visited AGT: Season 14 for the second semifinals. (Photo property of Flickr’s Forcefulally; courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Queen Latifah is finally joining the America’s Got Talent (AGT) family!  Last year, TMZ published that the legendary entertainer was originally going to replace then judge Mel B after tension between her and Simon was at an all-time high.  However, the Grammy and Golden Globe-winning performer joined a packed judges’ panel.

Tonight, the remaining semifinalists performed for a chance to join Kodi Lee, NDLOVU Youth Choir, Light Balance Kids, Tyler Butler-Figueroa, and Benicio Bryant (rather had Messoudi Brothers and Greg Morton than the latter duo) in the Season 14 finale.  Which acts might have a shot in competing in the AGT: Season 14 finale? Did any acts receive an “X” from the judges (Simon Cowell, Julianne Hough, Gabrielle Union, and Howie Mandel)?  Read on to find out…

After Terry Crews welcomed Queen Latifah to the show, it was time to get down to business! V. Unbeatable kicked off the evening. The dance troupe brought their signature dance moves to the Dolby Theatre and made my jaw drop. I pray that they make it to the Season 14 finale because they could be this season’s champions! A+

Dom Chambers is the last magician standing! After Eric Chien’s departure from the show, Dom needs to hit a grand slam in order to stay in the competition. Dom definitely combines humor and excitement with his routine but I need him to stay away from the alcohol because this is a family-friendly show. C-

I am just going to be honest with you. I like Luke Islam! However, last week, America voted a majority of the 18-and-younger crowd into the finale, and sadly, I do not want him in the finale. We need more adult performers in the Season 14 final. That being said, he delivered an worthy cover of “Never Enough.” However, Queen Latifah and the judges gave him a standing ovation. B-

I would not have invited Lukas and Falco back as a Wild Card act. There are plenty of acts that deserved that spot including singer Carmen Carter, French beatboxing group Berywam, and aerialist Matthew Richardson. I did not even pay attention to them because they were a waste of space! F

Against the advice of both Simon and Howie, singer-songwriter Chris Klafford performed another original song. While I like Chris, he should have performed a cover tonight. He would have soared on Ray LaMontagne’s “Trouble,” Journey’s “Open Arms,” and The Greatest Showman’s “From Now On.” However, Queen Latifah loved his guts and determination. C+

I admire the Detroit Youth Choir’s tenacity and perseverance. However, there is only room for one youth choir in the competition, and it is the NDLOUV Youth Choir. I would have buzzed the choir’s abysmal cover of Panic! At the Disco’s “High Hopes.” It was the wrong song choice. D+

Blacklight painter Alex Dowis is probably the unique act still standing. His storytelling and innate talent have made my jaw drop all season long. His 9-11 tribute immensely moved me, and I believe this act would take Las Vegas by storm, and I think Alex could give Kodi Lee and Light Balance Kids a run for their money if he makes it to the Season 14 finale. A

Guitarist Marcin Patrzalek was almost eliminated in the Quarterfinals, and now he needed to prove himself to the American public. I am glad that he expanded for the semifinals to include percussion. Now, this is a Vegas worthy act! If he makes it to the Season 14 finale, I would love to see several former Dancing with the Stars pros perform with him. He received a standing ovation from Queen Latifah and the judges.  A-

Jay Leno’s Golden Buzzer act, Emanne Beasha, returned to sing for a spot in the Season 14 finale! I have to admire her for singing Bryan Adams’ “(Everything I Do) I Do it for You” in Italian. It was one of the most creative things I have seen an opera singer do on AGT. You earned my respect, Emanne. B+

I am so happy that comedian Ryan Niemiller is still in the running for the $1,000,000 prize. His material has made me laugh all season. He revealed his horrible road trip from Indiana to Los Angeles. Ryan also stated that driving through Utah was like watching a vintage Looney Tunes cartoon. I pray that America votes him into the Season 14 finale because he is 1,000 times better than any of the 18 and younger acts! Queen Latifah and the judges were on their feet as Terry revealed how much he admired him. A

Voices of Service concluded the evening with a moving performance. Tonight, the quartet performed OneRepublic’s “Choke” and their fantastic harmonies made me weep. This was a beautiful moment for the group and they delivered a vocal home run. A+

Tomorrow night, Piff the Magic Dragon and Tokio Myers perform as the results are revealed!

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