Potential Sharon Osbourne replacements on America’s Got Talent

Sharon Osbourne America's Got Talent

It will be a very different AGT next season as veteran judge Sharon Osbourne confirmed that last night was her final show. (Photo by NBC).

By: Jacob Elyachar

As the Olate Dogs celebrate their big win from last night, it is time for Simon Cowell and the America’s Got Talent production team to begin their work on finding Sharon Osbourne’s replacement.

When Sharon confirmed on Twitter that she was leaving the show, I had already picked out six potential candidates that could perfectly fill Sharon’s chair for the upcoming 2013 season: https://www.jakes-take.com/2012/07/26/if-sharon-osbourne-should-leave-agt-and-who-should-replace-her/

However, I thought of more names that Cowell and his production team should try to consider getting to join the panel next season:


Janet Jackson VMAs 2009

Janet Jackson is one of the best-selling musical artists of her generation and she could actually be a terrific judge by finding the new generation of stars on “America’s Got Talent.” (Photo by Getty Images)

Janet Jackson

If America’s Got Talent wants to follow Idol, the Voice and The X Factor’s lead, Janet Jackson is the perfect candidate to take Sharon’s chair.     With over 100 million albums, 33 Billboard Music Awards and six Grammys, Janet would bring some much-needed integrity to this competition to judging singing and dancing acts.   However, she has already said no to Simon on being one of The X Factor USA’s mentors so that could mean that she could say no to him again on joining Howard Stern and Howie Mandel on the panel.

Mia Michaels

The Untouchables, Team iLuminate and Fighting Gravity have been very successful in bringing dance acts to the forefront of AGT.  While Howard and Howie do have some biases toward dance acts, Mia Michaels could actually offer the constructive criticism to dancers as a judge on the show.    The only drawback to having the Emmy-winning choreographer on the panel is that Mia has multiple projects in the works and it would be hard for her to commit time to the show.

Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah is a major player in the entertainment industry.   She has been where the contestants have been at the early points in her multi-decade career.  In addition, she has performed on the show with Tony Bennett and will have a terrific eye spotting talent.   In addition, she could definitely be an excellent counterbalance to Howard Stern.

Lea Michele SAG Awards

Lea Michele could go from belting out songs on “GLEE” to judging potential stars on “America’s Got Talent” if Simon Cowell and NBC approach her about joining the show. (Photo property of the Screen Actors Guild).

Lea Michele

By having Demi Lovato on The X Factor, Simon Cowell has basically thrown down the gauntlet to young Hollywood performers to see if they can find the next generation of stars.    Lea Michele could be the perfect candidate to replace Osbourne because of her success on multiple projects including Glee and Spring Awakening.     In addition, Lea has stated that she has always been a New York City girl and what is a better thing to do than work in a city that you love and working on finding the next best thing.


American Idol and The Voice has had success in finding big name judges to be a part of their show’s panel.    The three-time Grammy and Billboard award-winning artist could be a perfect voice to represent the singers on the AGT judges’ panel.    P!nk’s personality could actually add more energy to the show if she works alongside both Howie and Howard.

Jessica Simpson

Every time a slot opens up on a competitive performance based reality T.V. show, Jessica Simpson could consider talking to the producers about the possibilities of joining that show.    Paula Abdul, Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Blake Shelton are some of the artists whose careers have benefited from being a judge on American Idol and The Voice respectively and by having Jessica Simpson on the panel, she could inspire more singers to try out and even have a chance of countering Howard Stern’s zingers.

Who do you think should replace Sharon Osbourne on AGT?  



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