Piff Returns, While 2 More ‘AGT’ Acts Advance

Piff the Magic Dragon returns to AGT
‘AGT: Season 10’ finalist Piff the Magic Dragon returned as two more acts advanced to the ‘AGT: Season 17’ finale! (Photo and graphic property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com 

This season of America’s Got Talent (AGT) has proved why we need Judge Cuts rounds. Frontrunners emerged during the Judge Cuts rounds, and wannabee entertainers’ dreams were crushed.  

One act that deserved a boost from the Judge Cuts was a particular magic dragon. During Season 10, Piff the Magic Dragon had a memorable audition, but he stepped up to the plate and introduced the world to Mr. Piffles during the Season 10 Judge Cuts. From hiding Heidi Klum’s autographed playing card in Mr. Piffles’ dog food to kissing the legendary supermodel on the lips, Piff’s audition impressed guest judge Neil Patrick Harris so much that he pressed the Golden Buzzer that sent him to the Radio City Music Hall live shows. 

While Piff became a finalist and is regular in Las Vegas and the touring circuit, none of his success would have happened without his Judge Cuts performance. Over the past two weeks, acts that would generally be sent home during the Judge Cuts round performed for America’s votes. 

Despite breakout performances from comedian Mike E. Winfield, impressionist Merissa Beddows, and ventriloquist Jack Williams, last night’s performances was probably the worst episode of AGT in recent years. Tonight, two more acts advanced to the Season 17 finale! Who joined Piff in the Finalists’ Circle? Read on to find out! 

The Riverdance cast opened the show. In all honesty, I wished that they had other AGT alums perform in their place. It would have been fun to see V.Unbeatable, the Angel City Chorale, or Jimmie Herrod perform. After Terry made his entrance, it was time for a quick evening recap that included behind-the-scenes footage. 

Terry also reminded the audience that the judges had a Wild Card act that they could nominate a previously eliminated performer for next week’s Wild Card vote. It was time to get down to business; Merissa Beddows, Metaphysic (really America?), Jack Williams, Lily (WTH? Over Jannick?), and Mike E. Winfield were this week’s Top Five.

Piff, the Magic Dragon, returned and brought Mr. Piffles. Tonight, everyone’s favorite magic dog needed to solve a Rubik’s Cube. Once Simon finished mixing up the cube, Piff returned to the stage and gave it to Mr. Piffles to “solve.” Unfortunately, Mr. Piffles ate chicken and did not complete the cube. However, Howie should not have chuckled as he had to duel Mr. Piffles in a Rubik’s Cube competition. In a twist, Mr. Piffles solved Howie’s cube. This time around, Mr. Piffles made a “warm Arnold Palmer,” and all the judges confirmed it was the iced tea and lemonade combo.

As Piff and Mr. Piffles left the stage, it was time to get serious. Terry revealed that Mike E. Winfield, Lily (REALLY?), and Metaphysic (WTF, AMERICA?) made this week’s Top Three! I am furious that we have to see the pompous d-bag tenor known as Daniel Emmet made it to an AGT finale again with Metaphysic. The anger that I am feeling about Metaphysic advancing to the final was briefly quenched by Mike E. Winfield making the finale!

Next week, the final set of qualifying acts perform for America’s votes!

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