Piff the Magic Dragon, NDLOUV Return to ‘AGT’ + Season 15 Finalists Are Revealed!

Piff the Magic Dragon AGT
Piff the Magic Dragon appeared on ‘AGT’ for a crucial results show! (Photo & graphics property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Two of my all-time favorite acts, Piff the Magic Dragon and NDLOVU Youth Choir, returned to America’s Got Talent (AGT) for an essential results show.

It is hard to believe that five years ago, Piff the Magic Dragon and Mr. Piffles entertained Radio City Music Hall audiences during the NBC talent competition’s tenth anniversary season. While everyone’s talking dragon did not win his season, Piff appeared on America’s Got Talent: The Champions’ inaugural season and toured across the world.  Now, Piff landed in Las Vegas and is currently appearing at the Flamingo Resort.

But Piff the Magic Dragon was not the only AGT alums on the results show tonight! Season 14 standouts, the NDLOVU Youth Choir, also performed. Billboard reported that the group are currently adapting to COVID through making new music. If you have not had the chance, go to YouTube after reading this and check out their cover of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.”

Tonight, five more acts will join both Piff and NDLOVU in the AGT finalists club. Which acts sailed straight through to the final? Which acts needed either the Dunkin’ Save or the Judges’ Save? Read on to find out!

After Heidi Klum showed off her painting masterpiece to Terry and the others, they showcased the night’s highlights and behind the scenes footage. Terry got down to business by revealing the acts who were up for the Dunkin’ Save. My jaw dropped when I saw Archie Williams, Alan Silva, and Malik Dope up for the Dunkin’ Save. All three of these acts belonged in the Season 15 finale.

After a visit to the Dunkin’ Lounge, it was time to reveal the first set of results. Spyros Bros and Dance Town Family were the first to receive the news. They were immediately eliminated from the competition. The next result of the night belonged to Broken Roots and Double Dragons. Country music duo Broken Roots became the first Season 15 finalists. 

Brandon Leake and Thomas Day were the next to hear the news. Howie Mandel jumped for joy when his Golden Buzzer act, Brandon Leake, made it to the Season 15 finale! Before more results were revealed, we caught up with Piff the Magic Dragon. In a cheeky routine, Piff decided to “vanish” the Statue of Liberty in Las Vegas. However, superstar magician David Copperfield decided to assist Piff by returning his allies and the Vegas Liberty statue to normal. 

I want to personally give a shout-out to Heidi Klum for waving a Kansas City Chiefs jersey as they promoted the NFL season opener. Finally, it was down to either Shaquira McGrath or Roberta Battaglia that received the third spot. Sofia jumped for joy as her Golden Buzzer act, Roberta Battaglia, received that spot.  

The NDLOVU Youth Choir performed a Jackie Wilson classic from Africa. Their performance gave me chills. (Photo & graphic property of NBC)

While Roberta was left speechless, the NDLOVU Youth Choir performed Jackie Wilson’s “Your Love Keeps Lifting Me (Higher).” As usual, I got chills from their performance and I danced in my seat! I am so happy that the group is doing incredible. As the NDLOUV Youth Choir logged off, superfans Elaine and Harriet got the ultimate treat as Terry and the judges surprised the twins at their home for a watch party. My heart burst with joy for them.

However, it was time to reveal the Dunkin’ Save recipient. I screamed for joy when Terry revealed that aerialist Alan Silva made it to the Season 15 finale! Sadly, Howie, Heidi, and Sofia had to make a heartbreaking decision as they had to say goodbye to one of the Season 15’s top frontrunners.

Sofia kicked off the vote and praised both of them. However, she decided to pick Archie. Howie decided to go with Malik for his originality. Heidi decided to go with Archie Williams.

Next week, the final set of Season 15 semifinalists perform for America’s votes!

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