The 10 Greatest Spider-Man Villains

By: Jacob Elyachar My series on Spider-Man’s 50th anniversary continues as I countdown the Wall Crawler’s greatest and deadliest opponents. 10. Mysterio Our countdown begins with Mysterio, the Master of Illusion. Former stuntman and special … [Continue reading]

Jacob Reviews…Ted

  By: Jacob Elyachar Imagine if you are an eight-year-old boy, who is friendless and growing up in Boston.   It’s Christmas morning and you receive a teddy bear that you instantly bond with and before you go to bed, you make a wish about … [Continue reading]

Jacob Interviews….Great White Studio’s Luke Amble

  By: Jacob Elyachar Two years ago, Luke Amble and his friend Mike Smith founded Great White Studio in Tucson, Arizona.     Luke and Mike established the studio to help both local and national recording artists understand the complex music … [Continue reading]

Jacob’s Eye On…The Pre-Comic Con Announcements-Part Two: Marvel

By: Jacob Elyachar Comic book fans were given another surprise following DC Comics' major announcements. DC's top competitor Marvel Comics released its post Avengers vs. X-Men plans. The news first broke on Entertainment Weekly’s website and … [Continue reading]

Jacob Reviews….The Amazing Spider-Man

  By: Jacob Elyachar 10 years ago, Spider-Man blasted from the comics and onto the silver screen as Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker battled Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man.    Recently, Marvel and Sony released the first … [Continue reading]

Jacob’s Eye On…The Pre-Comic Con Annoucements: Part One-DC Comics

By: Jacob Elyachar As thousands of fans start counting down to the San Diego Comic Con, both DC Comics and Marvel released vital information for the months to come that shook fans’ minds. In this two-part series, I will break down the announcements … [Continue reading]

Jacob Interviews….The Strive’s Brendan Stevens

    By: Jacob Elyachar Recently, I had the chance to cover Mix 93.3’s Red, White and Boom at Starlight Theater.   Of the many acts that were featured at the concert, pop rock band the Strive stood out to me through their ability to connect … [Continue reading]

The Wilders rock out Knuckleheads before heading on hiatus

  By: Jacob Elyachar For 16 years, Kansas City-based band the Wilders revitalized bluegrass and country through their incredible chemistry and harmony that has rocked American and European stages.  However, the quartet: Betse Ellis, Nate … [Continue reading]

Jacob Interviews….Singer-Songwriter Lenny Mink

  By: Jacob Elyachar Earlier this month, I had the chance to cover on the Dancefestopia Dance Festival in Kansas City, Missouri.    One of the artists that stood out to me was singer-songwriter Lenny Mink.    Mink, who describes himself as a … [Continue reading]

Jacob Interviews….Daniel Joseph Baker-Part Three

  By: Jacob Elyachar America’s Got Talent will get down to business on Monday when 12 of the Top 48 will perform for America’s votes for the first time in the competition.   One former America’s Got Talent contestant, Daniel Joseph Baker, … [Continue reading]

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