“Once Upon A Time” highlights sibling rivalry

Regina & Zelena's sibling rivalry came to a head tonight on "Once Upon A Time." (Photo property of ABC's Jack Rowand)

Regina & Zelena’s sibling rivalry came to a head tonight on “Once Upon A Time.” (Photo property of ABC’s Jack Rowand)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Sibling rivalry was front and center in tonight’s Once Upon A Time!

Tonight’s episode highlighted two family feuds. In one corner: The Charmings. David received a shock when he learned that his wicked twin brother, James, was revealed to be Underbrooke’s new sheriff and Cruella de Vil’s boy toy. He also received heartbreaking news from the Queen of Darkness as she exposed that James was jealous of the farmer turned king’s relationship with their dearly departed mother.  In addition to learning of his envious twin’s hidden feelings, David is dealing with the aftermath of the possibility of not seeing his beloved Snow and baby Neal grow up as he must stay in the Underworld…for now.

Meanwhile, the Mills sisters have started to repair their relationships after nearly three seasons at war with each other. Between Zelena rapping Regina’s true love and the Evil Queen sending the Wicked Witch back to her home in Oz that nearly caused Dorothy’s death, the two sisters have come a long way since their first confrontation in Season Three.  However, when Zelena’s “true love” Hades makes a bold move, and a familiar face made her unwanted return, will the sisters’ new relationship go back to square one?

Read on to find out…

Outside of Underbrooke’s town lines, the Wicked Witch had a date with Hades. Zelena asked if the Lord of the Underworld had any other surprises for her. Hades reminded her that he created the decayed version of Storybrooke as a gesture to the Wicked Witch. He also stated that she deserved the real Storybrooke and more. He vowed that once his heart was beating again, Hades would join her in the real world.  Zelena was taken aback by this comment and revealed that both her sister and the Storybrooke residents would not allow them to live side-by-side.  Hades gloated and countered that all the heroes would remain down in the Underworld. He also issued an ultimatum that if Zelena allowed her sister to return to the Land of the Living, their relationship would deteriorate. He ended their conversation with the most despicable proposal any villain would love to hear: “Zelena, will you make CHAOS with me?”

After she had got home from her date, Zelena received an unwelcomed visitor: Regina. The former Evil Queen confronted the Wicked Witch about Hades’ proposal. Zelena countered and stated that Hades could be redeemed.  The witch also said that Regina was not her mother. When Regina shared the news with the heroes, the gang vowed to help Regina to keep the duo apart while Regina looked for her mother.

Hook was able to track down Cora in the Underworld and helped the former Queen of Hearts escape her torture. As the duo made their escape, the Sheriff of Underbrooke finally confronted his twin and started out the conversation by taunting his brother with his Enchanted Forest profession: “Shepard.”  The wicked prince revealed that his brother stole his glory. David countered that he had no one to blame but himself for being in this position. Prince James vowed revenge and began his scheme by knocking out his brother.

James started his attack by visiting Emma at their apartment. As Emma led James to Robin Hood, Regina reunited her mom and revealed that not only Zelena is alive, but in love with Hades. Cora revealed that Hades may not be in love with Zelena and helped Regina gather ingredients for a memory potion.  She also admitted that she used its waters to make someone forget in the past (all in unison audience: ZELENA!) and then, the former Queen of Hearts mentioned that it was time for a mother-daughter bonding experience.

As James revealed his cover and with Cruella’s help, the dastardly duo threatened the lives of Emma, Robin Hood, and his newborn daughter. Zelena had the one-on-one that she desperately wanted with Cora. The Queen of Hearts finally apologized to the Wicked Witch and revealed that she abandoned the Witch because she wanted what was best for her black sheep.

However, Zelena saw through Cora’s deception and accused both queens of making her life-a living hell. Before Regina and Zelena could tear them each other apart, Cora forced them to stop fighting and remember the past revelation that she gave their memories back.  In their memories, the future Queen of Hearts brought her children together to save Regina’s life and then once Zelena finished the job…Cora made them forget and forced Zelena to return to Oz.

While the Mills family reunited, Charming and Hook arrived just in time to save Emma and Robin from James and Cruella. Unlike the Mills family reunion, this was not a happy ending because David pushed James in the River Styx. As Cruella escaped, Cora was able to move on to heaven.  Now with her sister’s love, Zelena was about to have a date with danger. However, Gold had other plans for the Witch as he and his father kidnapped Zelena in retribution for Belle’s sleeping curse.

Next week, Emma and Hook’s love is put through the ultimate test!


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