“Once Upon A Time” celebrates 100 episodes by visiting the Underworld

Regina and Cora reunite OUAT

Regina reunited with her mother, Cora, in the Underworld. Did the former Evil Queen betray the heroes for a third chance with her infamous mom? (Photo property of ABC’s Jack Rowand)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Jake’s Take wants to congratulate the incredible cast and crew of ABC’s Once Upon A Time for reaching 100 episodes!

Since I watched the pilot during the Fall of 2011, I fell in love with the universe that Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz created.  I will always remember where I first watched perfect moments such as Regina (Lana Parrilla)’s grand entrance as the Evil Queen in the “Pilot” to Emma (Jennifer Morrison) breaking the Dark Curse by kissing Henry (Jared Gilmore)’s forehead in the Season One finale.  Plus, let’s not forget Rumple (Robert Carlyle) interacting with the Queens of Darkness (Kristen Bauer, Merrin Dungey, and Victoria Smurfit) in “Darkness on the Edge of Town” to Emma and Hook (Colin O’Donoghue)’s “final farewell” in “Swan Song.”  This show always held me at the edge of my seat and watching the show on Sunday with my dad, Matthew, has been a great tradition we had over the past couple of years.

Tonight, the Storybrooke gang (Emma, Regina, Gold, Henry, the Charmings and Robin Hood) headed into the Underworld to save Hook’s soul from eternal damnation. Along the way, they ran into several familiar faces. Which heroes or villains did they run into?  Read on to find out…

Emma got a surprise visit from Neal! In her dream, Neal forewarned her about the dangers of the Underworld and wanted the mother of his son to change course. He also stated he is not in the Underworld (because he does not have unfinished business), but he failed to convince Emma to stop this crazy mission to retrieve Hook and give him half of her heart.  As Emma woke up, the gang arrived in the Underworld. It turned out that it was an inverted Storybrooke. The gang decided to split up to cover more ground.

As the heroes continued their journey in the inverted Storybrooke, Snow made her way to Granny’s. She encountered the Blind Witch, who instantly recognized her by scent. While Snow was integrating the Blind Witch about Hook’s whereabouts, James (Charming’s wicked twin brother) suddenly appeared and after kissing his sister-in-law, he forewarned Snow that he is eagerly anticipating a reunion with his brother.  As the Underworld sheriff exited stage right, Charming, Emma and Gold arrived on the scene. Tired of being a team player, Gold stated that Hook died a “Dark One” who had unfinished business in Hell and if the Charmings wanted to find him, it was time for them to follow his lead.

While Henry questioned Emma about the whereabouts of his father, Regina and Robin were summoned by Cora’s henchman and asked the Evil Queen to visit her. As the mother and daughter reunited, the Queen of Hearts stated to her favorite daughter that it was far too dangerous to continue on with this mission.  She offered the Evil Queen—a one-way ticket home to Storybrooke for her, Henry and Robin Hood. In order to convince her daughter, the Queen of Hearts used her henchman to send him down in the bowels of Hell.  Still not convinced, Cora told Regina that her father (Elder Henry) would be in grave danger.

Regina was not the only one to have a reunion with a parent, Gold discovered that his father, the nefarious Peter Pan, ran the Underworld’s version of the pawn shop. Like Cora, Pan tried to trick Rumple into betraying the Charmings.  As Regina revealed her mother’s plan to the others, Gold gave the potion he retrieved from Pan and headed to catch Cora’s boat. The others went to Hook’s grave and tried to communicate with him.  While they were able to see a zombified Hook, they were unable to talk to him.


However, Regina was able to communicate with her father. After a tearful reunion, the elder Henry Mills begged his daughter to stay and help her friends save Hook. Before he departed, the elder Henry told his daughter that by staying in the Underworld, she will deliver hope to the people. Regina and Henry confronted Cora before they rejoined the others. While the Queen of Hearts vanished from the Underworld, Elder Henry also received his exit from the Underworld. Before he left, Elder Henry met his grandson for the first time and thanked younger Henry for believing in Regina when he was not there.

Henry and Regina rejoined the group and Gold decided to leave the Underworld. Unbeknownst to the others, Cora was still walking around in the Underworld and headed down to meet Hades. He asked Cora if she heard the clock tick and stated that because she failed to get Regina out of the underworld, a soul escaped his domain. He also revealed that he knew about Zelena and her whereabouts…but before he could reveal more, Hades punished Cora by transforming her back into the Miller’s Daughter for eternity.

Back in the Enchanted Forest, it was the one holiday that everyone dreaded: The Evil Queen’s birthday! Regina celebrated her special day by sashaying into a village where frightened villagers hoped that their gifts would satisfy the malevolent ruler. But, the Evil Queen did not want the blueberry pie…she wanted Snow White’s heart on a plate. A brash villager stated that he knew where Snow White was, but wanted something from the Evil Queen in return. Regina scoffed at the notion and proceeded to kill him, however, Snow, Charming and the Seven Dwarves quickly appeared and were battle ready. The Evil Queen decided to give them the day off (because it was her birthday and she felt benevolent) and vanished.

At the palace, her father begged the Evil Queen to drop the vendetta against Snow White and focus on relinquishing the Queen of Hearts’ hold on her. Furious about her daughter’s dilemma, Regina’s father summoned the Magic Mirror and called upon the Queen of Hearts. Prince Henry tried to convince his ex to help him try to stop Snow and Regina’s feud.  However, Cora refused to help him and once he left…Cora discovered that she could transport through realms using a mirror and traveled back to the Enchanted Forest.

The Queen of Hearts found her husband and grabbed Snow White’s heart! Cora gleefully approached Regina with Snow’s heart. While Regina tried to kill Snow, it turned out to be a ruse as Jiminy Cricket jumped out of Snow’s chest. A furious Regina confronted her father about her deception and shrunk her dad.  Next, Regina confronted the Queen of Hearts and banished her into the portal.  Before she left, Cora captured Henry and trapped him in Wonderland with her.

Next week, Snow White recruits Hercules to in their quest to save Hook!  But in order to get to Hades, they must confront Cerberus.

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