New Music Reviews: Week of March 10, 2023

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Welcome to the latest installment of Jake’s Take’s New Music Reviews! (Bitmoji property of Jake’s Take)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

Welcome to the latest edition of Jake’s Take’s New Music Reviews! We got a lot of new music to unpack, so let’s get this party started.

Adam Lambert pays homage to some of his favorite recording artists by putting new twists on some of pop music’s biggest hits in High Drama. (Album cover property of More is More & BMG Rights Management)

High Drama by Adam Lambert

It is hard to believe that it has been 14 years since Adam Lambert graced the American Idol stageWhile he did not win the top title, he continues to wow the music world as a solo artist and Queen’s third frontman. Now, the “Roses” singer-songwriter released his first cover album as a solo performer. High Drama showcases his take on a diverse group of recording artists from the 1980s (Bonnie Tyler, Duran Duran, and Tina Turner) to today’s biggest names, such as Billie Eilish, Kings of Leon, and Lana Del Rey. High Drama is a spectacular record from start to finish. It showcases that Adam and his team continue to set the standard for today’s recording artists and future generations. A- 

Tracks to Download or Stream: “Holding Out for a Hero,” “Chandelier,” “Ordinary World,” “I Can’t Stand the Rain,” & “West Coast.”

Macklemore’s BEN was one of the most below average albums that I heard so far in 2023. (Album cover property of Bendo)

Ben by Macklemore 

Grammy-winning rapper Macklemore released his third solo studio album: Ben. In a UPROXX profile, Macklemore revealed that his relapse during the COVID-19 lockdown inspired this album. The “Glorious” rapper brought a plethora of collaborators to the project, such as Andrew Joslyn, Budo, DJ Premier, NLE Choppa, Ryan Lewis, Sarah Barthel, and Sasha Sloan. One major problem with the album is too many featured artists, as 73 percent of Ben contains a featured artist. While there are some honest tracks, such as “TEARS,” I feel the audience would be bored as it reaches the climax. C- 

Tracks to Download or Stream: “CHANT,” “1984,” & “Day You Die.”  

Morgan Wallen’s One Thing at a Time cements him as one of the millennial generation’s top leaders in country music. (Album cover property of Big Loud Records & Republic Records)

One Thing at a Time by Morgan Wallen

When I heard about One Thing at a Time’s release, I thought, how can Morgan Wallen follow up DangerousHe surpassed his previous album songs by releasing 36 SONGS! The “Wasted on You” singer-songwriter’s latest offering has three featured artists (Eric Church and longtime friends/collaborators ERNST and HARDY) and some of Nashville’s top songsmiths. Ashley Gorley, Devin Dawson, Geoff Warburton, Hillary Lindsey, John Pierce, Miranda Lambert, Nicolle Galyon, and Travis Denning are some songwriters who helped craft some of One Thing at a Time’s slick tracks. What I love about this album is that Morgan and his team were not afraid to flex their songwriting and production muscles. They experimented with various country music elements and inserted surprises such as the country rap “180 (Lifestyle).” I cannot wait to see what he does next as One Thing at a Time cements Morgan as one of the millennial generation’s top country music leaders. 

Tracks to Download or Stream: “Last Night,” “Everything I Love,” “One Thing at a Time,” “You Proof,” “Thought You Should Know,” “I Wrote the Book,” “180 (Lifestyle),” & “Wine Over Water.”

“Still Alive” by Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato entered the Scream universe! The “29” actress and singer continued her pop punk journey with “Still Alive.” It was a superb song from start to finish and it is the perfect anthem to face off against Ghostface. B

“Sorry Not Sorry” by John Morgan 

Jake’s Take friend John Morgan crafted the perfect country anthem for 2023! “Sorry Not Sorry” is a fantastic song that has the potential to dominate radio play and stream playlists this year. A+  Also, Congratulations John on your upcoming debut! So proud of you! 

“Red Ruby Da Sleeze” by Nicki Minaj 

Nicki Minaj released a brand new single! Rolling Stone reported that Go Grizzly and Cheeze Beats produced “Red Ruby Da Sleeze,” the eight-time American Music Award winner’s first single of 2023. “Red Ruby Da Sleeze” is a fiery track that showcases Nicki at her best! A+ 

Artist to Watch:

Sanctuary by Rebecca Folsom 

Rebecca Folsom rounds out this edition of Jake’s Take’s New Music Reviews! I was first introduced to Boulder, Colorado, native Rebecca Folsom by my friend and EMPKT PR founder Beatrice Kimmel. When I first heard the powerful song “Mercy,” Rebecca’s enchanting voice transfixed me, and I became an instant fan. Her latest record, Sanctuary, is a spectacular listening experience. From the haunting autobiographical “Mercy” to the hopeful title track (which features a powerful choir), Sanctuary takes listeners on an emotional roller coaster ride. Bravo, Rebecca and team, on an excellent record! A+ 

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