Jake’s Take’s New Music Reviews: Week of June 12, 2020

Artists to Watch:

Jake’s Take’s Artists to Watch is back! Here are some of the recording artists that I believe could shake up the music world.

Betty Moon’s Translucent EP showcases some of her best work in the pop music field. (Album cover courtesy of Bradley Publicity)

Translucent EP by Betty Moon

Canadian singer-songwriter Betty Moon has developed a large following throughout her 20-plus years solo career. Today, she dropped her latest extended play: Translucent.  Throughout the six tracks, Ms. Moon teleports fans and newcomers into her world through a combination of trance, EDM, and pop-rock.  Translucent is a great EP that showcases that Ms. Moon can deliver impeccable hits and should be played on both Top 40 radio stations and streaming platforms. A

Tracks to Download: “Did It For Nothing,” “Don’t Stop Now,” “Monsters in My Head,” & “The Liar.”

Cloe Wilder’s poignant “You & Lonely” perfectly addresses loneliness. (Music video property of Cloe Wilder)

“You & Lonely” by Cloe Wilder

Cloe Wilder ideally put lyrics together regarding a song about loneliness and wrongly letting go of people. “You & Lonely” is a poignant song, and I loved the melancholic piano arrangement. Cloe does have strong potential breaking into the music world, and I am looking forward to hearing more from her. 

Eileen Carey’s “Finally” music video combines Ms. Carey’s superb vocals and producer-director Taner Tumkaya’s stop animation style. (Music video property of Eileen Carey)

“Finally” by Eileen Carey

Sometimes you need a song that will make you smile, and Eileen Carey’s “Finally” is the perfect tune. Ms. Carey brilliantly weaves a song about the ideal partner, and this track could put her in the same league as Faith Hill and LeAnn Rimes. Thanks for delivering the positivity, Ms. Carey! A+ 

Joe Barksdale’s “Moonbeam” showcases the former NFL player’s potential in the music world. (Music video property of Moonbeam Music, LLC)

“Moonbeam” by Joe Barksdale 

Former Los Angeles Rams football player Joe Barksdale rounds out this edition of “Jake’s Take’s New Music Reviews.” The Austin, Texas-based guitarist blends indie rock and electric soul in his latest single: “Moonbeam.” It is a hypnotic song with shades of Lenny Kravitz’s “Fly Away” and Seal’s cover of “Fly Like an Eagle.” I believe we will hear more of Mr. Barksdale’s music in the future. A- 

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