Jake’s Take’s New Music Reviews: Week of Feb. 26, 2021

Artists to Watch:

Jake’s Take’s Artists to Watch is back! Here are the recording artists that you should keep your eyes on.

Alexander 23’s Oh No, Not Again EP showcases that he could shake up the music industry. (Album property of Interscope Records)

Oh No, Not Again! – EP By Alexander 23

It has been a while since I heard from Alexander 23. The last time that I critiqued his music was in August 2019. Alexander 23 has grown leaps and bounds since I reviewed “Another Summer Night Without You.” His latest EP: Oh No, Not Again! showcases his superb songwriting skills and Charlie Puth-esque vocals. Also, keep an ear out for “Nothing’s the Same,” Alexander 23’s excellent collaboration with his contemporary: Jeremy Zucker. I genuinely believe that 2021 will be a real breakout year for Alexander 23, because Oh No, Not Again! – EP is one of the strongest albums I heard this year. A- 

Tracks to Download: “Cry Over Boys,” “Brainstorm,” “Nothing’s the Same,” “Caught in the Middle,” & “Come Here and Leave Me Alone.”

Singer-songwriter Dylan Dunlap’s Soldier On – EP showcases his potential to be a top name in the pop music world. (Album cover property of Dylan Dunlap Music LLC)

Soldier On – EP by Dylan Dunlap

Future Jake’s Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast guest Dylan Dunlap released his latest extended play: Soldier On. His music reminds me of listening to Owl City’s “Fireflies” and “Good Times.” I got chills while listening to this impeccable extended play. Dylan has an impeccable future in the music industry, and he could be a top voice in the dream pop and singer-songwriter genres. 

Tracks to Download: “Seriously,” “Another Holiday,” “Follow My Echo,” “Soldier On,” & “If That’s Alright.”

“Queen” by Charm La’Donna 

Rapper Charm La’Donna dropped her latest single: “Queen.” Epic Records’ latest find delivered a fiery pep talk for her fans. Her emcee skills were impeccable from start to finish, and “Queen” is a superb track that will launch her into the stratosphere. B+  

“PG” by Scott Gardner 

After conquering the model world, Northern California native Scott Gardner is turning to the recording industry. His latest single, “PG,” reminds me so much of classic pop/rock that millennials like me heard in late elementary and early middle school years, such as Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, and LFO. More importantly, “PG” has the potential to be one of the 2020s’ anthems for the LGBTQIA community. It takes a lot of courage to showcase yourself to the entire world, and hopefully, Scott Gardner and “PG” will set the standard for LGBTQIA recording artists as the decade continues. B+

Six60’s “All She Wrote” features a plethora of New Zealand celebrities. (Music video property of Epic Records)

“All She Wrote” by Six60 

New Zealand’s Six60 wraps up this edition of Jake’s Take’s New Music Reviews. Six60 is made up of vocalist/guitarist Matiu Walters, synths player Marlon Gerbles, lead guitarist Ji Fraser, bassist Chris Mac, and drummer Eli Paewai. “All She Wrote” is the group’s first 2021 single and is a superb pop-rock track. The “care-free” arrangement and incredible lyrics will put a smile on listeners’ faces. 

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