Jake’s Take’s New Music Reviews – Week of Dec. 3, 2021

Artists to Watch:

Jake’s Take’s Artists to Watch is back! Here are several artists and bands that are about ready to rock the music world.

GRLS by Theo Tams 

Toronto, Canada-based recording artist Theo Tams released his new EP: GRLS. The expanded play features Theo’s interpretation of some of the most memorable girl group songs of the 2000s – Destiny’s Child, Blackpink, and the Pussycat Dolls. I loved his arrangement process behind all of the tracks. “Say My Name” went from sultry R&B to techno-pop, while the iconic dance-pop “Don’t Cha” was transfigured into a haunting ballad. Well done, Theo! 

“You’re My Favorite Holiday” by Alicia G 

Reality TV star turned pop singer Alicia G released her latest holiday single: “You’re My Favorite Holiday.” Produced by Andrew Lane, “You’re My Favorite Holiday” feels like this generation’s Eartha Kitt’s “Santa Baby.” Alicia G does have a superb voice, and I rather listen to Alicia than some of her contemporaries. B+ 

“Wishes Come True” by Duncan Laurence 

Capitol Music Group artist Duncan Laurence released his original Christmas tune: “Wishes Come True.” The Eurovision Song Contest winner’s holiday tune is beautiful from start to finish. The song gave me goosebumps, and I hope that this song is featured on future holiday playlists. A- 

“Hallie’s Song” by Earth2Zoe 

Ever had a friendship that you outgrew? Earth2Zoe’s “Hallie’s Song” is the perfect tune that describes that scenario. Earth2Zoe has superb vocals, and there are shades of both Billie Eilish and Jake’s Take friend Mia Morris. I believe that Earth2Zoe does have the potential to dominate the music industry, and “Hallie’s Song” could be an awesome steppingstone. A- 

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