Jake’s Take’s New Music Reviews: Week of May 29, 2020

Artists to Watch

Jake’s Take’s Artists to Watch is back! Here are several artists and bands that you should keep your eyes on because they can make it in the recording industry.

Anna Graceman’s The Way The Light Behaves showcases her potential as a breakthrough artist in the music industry. (Album cover property of Trend)

The Way The Night Behaves by Anna Graceman

I remembered when I first saw Anna Graceman audition for America’s Got Talent during the show’s sixth season. She showcased a lot of potential throughout her performances. Years later, Anna returns to the music industry as an accomplished singer-songwriter. Her third solo album, The Way The Night Behaves, showcases Anna’s remarkable growth as a vocalist and her superb songwriting skills. Listeners would start to notice that there are enough singles on this album to submit to various adult contemporary and Top 40 radio stations and streaming channels. The Way The Night Behaves should be considered for anyone’s top albums of 2020. Well done, Anna! 

Tracks to Download: “Fragile,” “Man on the Moon,” “Good Things,” “Slip,” & “Night Follows.”

Rapper Eric Leon and producer TroyBoi could redefine rap for the next generation. (Music video property of Universal Music Group)

“Lemme See” by Eric Leon & TroyBoi 

Rapper Eric Leon is making noise. Hip-hop’s biggest names, such as DJ Khaled, Fat Joe, and Cool & Dre have predicted big things for the rapper. Produced by TroyBoi and IceKream, “Lemme See” showcases Eric Leon’s potential as one of his generation’s top rappers. The song has an irresistible hook, and Eric’s innate ability to hook his listeners in is incredible. I cannot wait to hear more from Eric Leon in the future! A- 

Giveon’s acoustic version of “FAVORITE MISTAKE” could be one of the top heartbreaking tracks of 2020. (Music video property of Epic Records)


Epic Records artist Giveon released a new single, “FAVORITE MISTAKE,” off of his debut EP: Take Time.  R&B music fans would be happy that Giveon and his team released the accoustic version of this song, which allowed Giveon to showcase his superb vocals. “FAVORITE MISTAKE” has potential to be one of 2020’s heartbreaking songs. B+/A-

“People” by Inspired & The Sleep 

Southern California indie psych-pop group Inspired & The Sleep wraps up this edition of Jake’s Take’s New Music Reviews. They are one group that you need to watch. Made up of songwriter-producer Max Greenhalgh and multi-instrumentalist Bryce Outcault have built a following thanks to their appearances at the House of Blues and the Casbah. Together, they teamed up with CAPYAC’s Delwin Campbell to merge nu-disco and psych-pop into an irresistible track: “People.” This track has the potential to dominate the alternative music lane on both radio and streaming services! Well done, Inspired & The Sleep. B+ 

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