New Dancers Emerge on The Masked Dancer Stage

The Masked Dancer‘s premiere continued as Group B made their debuts! (Photos & graphics property of FOX)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

During the Christmas holiday weekend, FOX’s Masked franchise debuted a new edition: The Masked Dancer. It began as a spoof-segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, FOX decided to bring The Masked Dancer to prime time.

Group A (Cricket, Disco Ball, Exotic Bird, Hammerhead, and Tulip) faced off in the first episode. Sadly, Disco Ball was eliminated, and he was unmasked to be actor and hip-hop icon Ice T! Tonight, the second group of superstar dancers (Cotton Candy, Ice Cube, Moth, Sloth, and Zebra) performed. Which dancer was forced to unmask? Did the Masked Dancer panel (Ken Jeong, Paula Abdul, Brian Austin Green, and Ashley Tisdale) correctly deduce their identity?

The Sloth was the first member of Group B to enter the Masked Dancer stage. In his pre-performance package, Sloth showcased a “D.R.” badge and revealed that he was in a bad accident. There was also a toothpaste cover that stated “Glee.” The Sloth danced to the Romantics’ “What I Like About You,” and all I have to say was his bad dance moves were duds. However, Ken was very entertained and thought he was a comedian. His “Word Up” clue was “Broadway.” Paula thought it was Glee alum Matthew Morrison. Brian Austin Green thought it was Kevin Federline. Meanwhile, Ashley Tisdale thought of Jason Derulo. 

Ice Cube was the next dancer to take the stage. There were clues about a parent working in the White House, and there was a segment from the periodic table. He danced to Postmodern Jukebox’s cover of “Bad Romance” and ballroom elements in his dance. I also loved his showmanship. Brian called the performance “super fun” and thought he was an entertainer. Meanwhile, Paula loved his swagger. Ice Cube’s “Word Up” clue was “90s icon.” Ken thought it was Bill Nye! Brian guessed Bill Maher, and Paula thought it was Anderson Cooper.

The Zebra brought the party as they made their entrance. The Zebra stated that they fell out of the limelight, and there was a medal on their neck. There was a book in the clue as well. The Zebra performed “Magdalena,” and my jaw dropped as it performed with the Masked Dancer crew. Ken speculated that they were a trained dancer. Zebra’s “Word Up” clue was “comeback.” Brian thought it was Ricky Martin. Meanwhile, Ken called him “a magnetic performer” and thought it was Kevin Richardson. 

Cotton Candy hoped to shine during the Group B premiere and performed a routine to P!nk’s “Glitter in the Air.” It started with a fantastic aerial in a bubble. Once she landed, a masked dancer met, and the duo performed an excellent floor routine that combined contemporary and ballroom movements. She delivered an impeccable performance, significantly after Cotton Candy fell during a technical rehearsal. Paula gave her a standing ovation for coming back, and Ashley called her a frontrunner. For Cotton Candy’s “Word Up,” she said: “prime time.” Brian guessed P!nk, while Ken suggested that Cotton Candy was Julianne Hough.

Miss Moth was the last Masked Dancer to perform! In her pre-performance package, there were images of both tabloids and Washington, D.C. She danced to a Brooks and Dunn track, and her performance made me smile. Ashley started the conversation with a “Yee-haw,” and Paula called her “natural” and “regal.” Miss Moth’s “Word Up” clue was “inspired.” Ashley guessed Megyn Kelly and both Brian and Paula guessed Monica Lewinsky. Before the end of the guessing period, Paula also added Marla Maples. 

After the evening’s final break, host Craig Robinson revealed that ICE CUBE was the first member of Group B to leave Masked Dancer. Ashley thought it was former Vice President Al Gore, while Ken stood by his guess of Bill Nye. Paula suggested Tim Gunn, while Brian stood by his guess of Bill Maher! 

For the first time on Masked Dancer, Ken was CORRECT— Ice Cube was Bill Nye!!!

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