Mat Franco returns to “America’s Got Talent” for a magical results night

Season nine champion Mat Franco returned to “America’s Got Talent” for a magical night. (Photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

It is hard to believe that it has been three years since Mat Franco became the first magician in history to win America’s Got Talent.

Mat Franco bested countless acts such as friends to the blog: Emily West, Sons of Serendip, and Emil & Dariel, to win the $1,000,000 cash prize and the opportunity to headline a Las Vegas show.  Mat took that opportunity and transformed it into a residency at The Linq Hotel, where he has entertained countless audience members at his headline show: Mat Franco—Magic Reinvented since 2015.

But Mat Franco was not the only magician to appear on the results show tonight.  Both Season 10 finalist Piff the Magic Dragon and Season 11’s third place finisher Jon Dorenbos performed on the Dolby Theatre stage. Hope to join Franco, Piff, and Dorenbos in AGT history were 12 acts hoped to be one of the last seven finalists to earn a spot in the Season 12 Semifinals.  Who was voted through directly into the Season 12 semifinals? Which two acts advanced to the next round through the Dunkin’ Save and the Judges’ Save? Read on to find out!

After a quick recap of last night’s performance show, it was time to get down to business. Up first, Tyra revealed the three acts that needed either the Judges’ Save and the Dunkin’ Save. The three acts that were in danger: Angelina Green, Colin Cloud, and DaNell Daymon and Greater Works. I am surprised that both Colin and DaNell Daymon were in this position. Those two acts delivered spectacular performances, and it would be a shame that Angelina Green would be voted through over them.

Tyra joined the acts in the Dunkin’ Lounge and visited with Oscar Hernandez, Sara, and Hero, Diavolo’s choreographer. Once the segment was over, Tyra revealed that DIAVOLO advanced to the next round.  It was disappointing to see Oskar & Gasper being eliminated from the show. KECHI would be joining the Los Angeles dance troupe in the next round and was too overwhelmed to respond to Tyra, who told her that it was time for her to “dream bigger!”

As Kechi left the stage, Jon Dorenbos entertained the crowd outside of Hollywood Boulevard with a brief magic trick that involved football players and playing cards. Tyra introduced Season Nine champion Mat Franco to the Dolby Theatre; he asked Tyra to remain on stage to help him with his routine.  Mat Franco used an impeccable drink carton that was able to pour out milk, beer, wine, orange juice, and lemonade. He offered the drinks to Simon and the gang. As the judges drank, Mat Franco revealed that the magic carton was empty the entire time!

After Mat Franco left the stage, Tyra revealed that both CHASE GOERLING and MIKE YUNG made it to the Semifinals.  Finally, it was Oscar Hernandez, Junior and Emily, and Sara and Hero’s turn to learn their fates. SARA and HERO (REALLY PEOPLE?) was the final act to be saved by America’s votes.  While the remaining three acts returned to the Dolby Theatre stage, Jon Dorenbos performed a trick with Marlon Wayans regarding a $100 bill on Hollywood Boulevard.

Season 10 finalist Piff the Magic Dragon returned with Mr. Piffles for an interesting magic trick. While Piff gave Mr. Piffles to his favorite assistant, Heidi Klum, as he set up the trick. Once Heidi gave Mr. Piffles back to Piff, he asked the judges to name an animal, clothes, and a location. They came up with a giraffe, underpants, and Paris. While Mr. Piffles drew a giraffe in Paris, in true fashion, they forget the underpants. After Piff plugged his Providence gig, it was time to reveal the Dunkin’ Save.  The lucky recipient was COLIN CLOUD!

This meant that either Angelina Green and DaNell Daymon and Greater Works were going for the Judges’ Save.  Mel B kicked off the vote with DaNell Daymon and Greater Works, while Heidi went with her Golden Buzzer act. Simon decided to vote DaNell Daymon and Greater Works, which meant that Howie had the deciding vote and he picked DANELL DAYMON and GREATER WORKS!

Next week, the competition intensifies as the Season 12 Semifinals begin!

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