Masked Singer: Season 6’s Group B’s Date Night

Banana Split, Mallard, Cupcake & The Queen of Hearts welcomed a new Wild Card tonight on The Masked Singer. (Photo and graphics property of FOX)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

The Masked Singer: Season Six’s Group B went on a date night! Banana Split, Cupcake, Mallard, and the Queen of Hearts all returned to perform. However, the latest Wild Card contestant crashed the evening. Who was this mysterious performer? Which singer was forced to unmask? Did any of the panelists (Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, and Jenny McCarthy) correctly deduce the eliminated performer’s identity? Read on to find out!

After Lips Mask kissed Nick Cannon, the host introduced the panel and stated a Group B wildcard would be joining them tonight. It was time to get down to business. Banana Split came to win The Masked Singer. There were huge clues that pointed to Katharine McPhee Foster and her husband, David Foster. Once again, Banana was at the piano, and Ice Cream sang Michael Buble’s “Cry Me a River.” The Man in Black brought out a speed date, and after the panelists asked them questions to see who were they compatible. The duo would date Nicole, and they stated that they would have “a ball together.” Ken thought that his Masked Dancer co-stars: Craig Robinson & Ashley Tisdale. Jenny thought of Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello. Nicole guessed Sara Bareilles and Josh Groban. 

Cupcake is a “Hopeless Romantic” and a Black Liz Taylor. The performer revealed had many husbands and said that she had a crush on Bruno Mars. They sang Bruno Mars’s “Finesse.” I am still trying to figure out who it is. Nicole called the character’s swag – “Cupcake Drip.” Cupcake connected with Nick and stated they had “double trouble” in their lives. Jenny thought it was Grace Jones (I thought it was her too). Ken guessed Tina Turner, while Nicole guessed Tina Knowles. Cupcake also got a celebrity shoutout from entertainment industry legend Jane Fonda.

The Queen of Hearts returned to The Masked Singer and revealed she was shy. She sang “La Vie En Rose” tonight, and I got chills. Robin Thicke declared that the Queen of Hearts gave “one of the best vocal performances in show history.” The Queen of Hearts revealed that she was compatible with Ken because they shared a stage about the roast. Ken guessed Ireland Baldwin, while Robin thought the Queen was Ashley Judd. However, Nicole thought the Queen was either Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga. 

Mallard believed in “Love at First Slight.” He met his wife in fourth grade, and they went on a moonlight hike where she kissed him. He rapped Flo Rida’s “My House” and once again, I was left baffled in figuring out his identity. Both Jenny and Nicole revealed that the Mallard left them stumped. Mallard was compatible with Jenny because they were on the “same wavelength.” Robin immediately guessed Freddie Prinze, Jr. because of his dimples. Ken thought Nick Offerman. However, Jenny guessed Jon Bon Jovi.

Group B’s first Wild Card performer, the Catapillar, made his Masked Singer debut. He revealed that he was homeless and had a dark past. Tonight, he sang Beyonce’s “If I Were A Boy,” and holy smokes; I got chills from the first note. Jenny declared him a frontrunner. After the panel made their first impression guesses, Catapillar revealed that he was compatible with Robin – because he loved his printed shirts. The “Blurred Lines” singer thought it was Howie D, while Ken guessed Aaron Carter. Jenny thought it was AJ. 

After the panelists and superfans voted, we had to say “Goodbye” to Cupcake tonight. Ken’s first impression was Angela Bassett, however he guessed the Queen of Rock – Tina Turner. Nicole changed her guess from Roberta Black to Ruth Pointer. Robin thought RuPaul was Cupcake and changed it to Leslie Jones. Jenny changed her guess to Grace Jones.

It turned out that Nicole was right – Cupcake was music legend Ruth Pointer!

Next week, Group A returns and Leslie Jordan joins the panel!

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