‘Masked Singer: Season Four’ Group C Celebrates Thanksgiving

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

The Masked Singer: Season Four is celebrating Thanksgiving!

Tonight, Broccoli, Jellyfish, and Mushroom faced off for two spots on The Masked Singer: Season Four Super Six. Which performer was automatically advanced to the Super Six? Which two faced off in the Smackdowns? Who was sent home? Did the panel (Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, and Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg) correctly deduce the eliminated performer’s identity? Read on to find out!

Actor-comedian Jay Pharoah joined in the festivities as he joined the panel to watch the Group C finals. After Jay shared his impression of Terence Howard, the Group C finalists performed The Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back.” The Jellyfish kicked off the evening, and she invited her sister (the Calculator- who had the number 57714 on her face) to talk about their Masked Singer super fandom. 

The Jellyfish sang Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Stop Now” for her chance to stay in the competition. Kevin praised her growth as a performer. Tonight, the Men in Black brought out a turkey and a game-changing clue. Her clue involved never performing in a competition before. Nicole Scherzinger stated it was Charli XCX, while both Jay and Robin thought it was Kylie Jenner. My mom, Gloria, thought it was Simone Biles.

As Jay Pharoah gave an impressive Kevin Hart impression, the Mushroom Mask took to the stage. He invited his friend, a government agent, who revealed that the Mushroom Mask was Class President. Tonight, he sang Katy Perry’s “Unconditionally,” and I thought it was either Anthony Ramos or Leslie Odom, Jr. under the mask. Nicole called his performances “transcending,” and Jenny predicted that he would be going to the Super Six. Mushroom’s game-changing clue was that he changed his name. Robin guessed Jaden Smith, while Nicole thought it was Taye Diggs. Ken thought Mushroom Mask was the Weeknd.

After all of the votes were counted, it was revealed that Jellyfish made it to Super Six! That meant that Broccoli and Mushroom Mask had to face off in the final smackdown of the season. Broccoli kicked off with Alabama’s “Take Me Down,” and he sang directly to Mushroom’s face. The performance made me smile. Meanwhile, Mushroom countered with Donny Hathaway’s interpretation of “A Song for You,” and it showcased so much soul.

The panel voted to advance Mushroom Mask to the Super Six! That meant we had to say goodbye to say goodbye to Broccoli! Nicole Scherzinger guessed that it was Wayne Newton, while Ken thought it was Ringo Starr. Robin Thicke stood by his guess of Paul Anka and Jenny thought it was Neil Sedaka.

It turned out that Robin (and myself) were right, Broccoli was the legendary Paul Anka!!!

Next week, The Masked Singer: Season Four Super Six faces off!

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