‘Masked Singer: Season 8’ Has 90s Night

The Lambs faced off against Walrus and Milkshake on Masked Singer: Season Eight’s 90s night! (Photos & graphics property of FOX)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

The Masked Singer: Season Eight is celebrating the 1990s!

The 1990s were an important decade in my life as I grew up attending the JCC’s Child Development Center and Indian Valley Elementary School. I loved watching the animated DCU, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Power Rangers’ Zordon Era, and Where in the World (and in Time) is Carmen Sandiego while playing Pokemon on both the Game Boy Color and Nintendo 64.  I also remember fond personal memories such as building pinewood derby cars with my dad and grandpa plus my first trip to Disney World.

Tonight, the FOX celebrity singing competition welcomed two new performers – Milkshake and Walrus.  Did the Lambs manage to maintain their crowns, or did they suffer the same fate as Robogirl (Kat Graham)? Plus, did our favorite Masked Singer panel (Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, and Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg) correctly deduce the eliminated performers’ true identities? Read on to find out!

90s Night started with Tag Team singing their signature song: “Woop There It Is.” After the duo introduced Nick Cannon, he revealed that tonight’s winner would be in the semifinals with fan-favorite Harp. Newcomer Walrus was the first masked performer to take the stage, and he revealed that he tapped dance with a late-night legend in his pre-performance package, a cat named “Jenny,” and that he was a teen heartthrob. He sang Spin Doctors’ “Two Princes” for his performance, and I thought it was Brian Luttrell. As Walrus danced for joy, Nicole praised his performance.

*NSYNC member and pop culture guru Lance Bass joined Nick and Walrus on the stage. His clue included TV theme songs. Ken guessed John Stamos, while Robin Thicke added Joey Lawrence into the mix. However, Nicole suggested Mario Lopez.

Milkshake walked out to The Masked Singer stage to “The Macarena.” This clue was based on hip-hop and featured peach pits, orange juice, and Taylor Swift. He rapped, “Jump on It,” and I thought I heard “Mambo No. 5” singer Lou Bega’s voice. Nicole called Milkshake “a superstar,” and Ken called it: one of the most fun performances of the season!” 90s icon Danielle Fishel (Boy Meets World & Girl Meets World) delivered the clue and pointed out that they knew Wiz and Snoop. Robin thought it was Tyreek Hill, while Ken suggested L.L. Cool J. Meanwhile, Nicole thought it was T.I. under the mask.

Masked Singer’s reigning queens, The Lambs, returned with a new set of clues. This week’s clues involved famous, popcorn, and a television. They sang Alanis Morrissette’s “Ironic.” They gave me chills, and thanks to Twitter and my mom, Gloria, I believe these ladies are Wilson Phillips. Nicole predicted that the Lambs would make it to the Semifinals. Lance Bass returned with another clue that included “Go Your Own Way” and “turn those dreams into reality.” Nicole thought it was the Corrs, and Jenny suggested either Fifth Harmony or SWV. Robin picked up on the harmonies and doubled down on his original guess of the Chicks. 

The Masked Singer studio audience voted to send Milkshake and the Lambs to the Battle Royale and the Walrus home. I was surprised that the Walrus was the first performer to unmask tonight. Ken continued to stand by his guess of John Stamos, and Robin stood by his guess of Joey Lawrence. Jenny suggested Scott Wolf, and Nicole ended the guessing round with her original guess of Mario Lopez. It turned out that ROBIN was right…Joey Lawrence was Walrus!! 

Tonight’s Battle Royale song was “What is Love?” Milkshake delivered an interesting take, which I would have buzzed him. The Lambs countered with a haunting ballad take that gave me chills. Robin praised Milkshake for holding his own against the Lambs, while Nicole called the Lambs’ cover “a sincere version,” and Ken added that it was a transcendent performance.

The Masked Singer panel voted to send the Lambs to the Season Eight semifinals! As Danielle Fishel handed them their scepter, we had to say goodbye to Milkshake. Ken doubled down with LL Cool J, while Robin selected Deshaun Watson. Jenny thought it was DJ Jazzy Jeff and Nicole guessed T.I. Milkshake was Le’veon Bell!

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