‘Masked Singer: Season 4’ Group B Holds Finals — 2 Celebs Unmasked!

The Serpent, The Seahorse, the Crocodile, and Whatchamacallit all face off in The Masked Singer: Season Four’s Group B Finals! (Photos and graphic property of FOX)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

The Masked Singer: Season Four finale is inching closer. Tonight, it was Group B’s turn to face the heat!

Only two of Group B’s colorful characters (the Crocodile, the Seahorse, the Serpent, and Whatchamacallit) will make it to the Season Four Super Six. Which two competitors earned the right to stay in the competition and advanced to the Super Six? Which stars joined Busta Rhymes, Wendy Williams, Mickey Rourke, and Clint Black and Lisa Harman Black in the Masked Singer: Season Four unmasked club? Read on to find out!

After Nick Cannon’s entrance, he introduced this week’s guest panelist: Cheryl Hines. The Seahorse was the first performer of the evening. Her spiritual adviser talked stated that she made them cry. There was also a Christmas wreath and a set of twins in the clues. She sang Britney Spears’s “Baby One More Time,” and I believed it was Tori Kelly. Cheryl Hines stated that the Seahorse made it effortless. This week, previous Masked Singers delivered guesses to the panel. The Astronaut (Hunter Hayes) brought out a number one foam finger that stated that she was never in a girl group. Jenny thought it was Kesha. Cheryl Hines guessed it was Kellie Pickler.

The Crocodile was the second performer to sing for his spot in the Super Six. His closest friend was the “interviewer to the stars,” who stated that he is a softie despite his hard exterior. Tonight, he sang Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love,” and yet again, I thought that I heard Nick Carter. I loved the performance, and Robin called the performance his best vocal. The Bee (Gladys Knight) brought out a clue that stated that he was in a cult classic. Ken Jeong thought it was Jared Leto, while Nicole thought it was Jordan Knight. Robin thought it was Justin Guarini.

For all-season, I had a difficult time predicting Whatchamacallit’s identity. However, Entertainment Weekly guessed that it was NBA star Lonzo Ball. His high school teacher (whistle) called him hard-working and wanted him to wipe the floor. Tonight, he rapped “Lean Back,” and I was not impressed. However, Jenny called it his best performance. His Masked Singer alum that brought out the clue was Ice Cream (Ninja), who revealed that the masked performer won a champion. Ken suggested Lonzo Ball, while Nicole suggested Carmelo Anthony. Cheryl guessed her fellow For Your Enthusiasm alum J.B. Smoove was the Whatchamacallit. 

The Serpent was the final competitor to face the Masked Singer audience. Brian’s college roommate (a talking pizza) rooted him on. He sang Jonas Brothers’ “Cool,” and it was one of my favorite performances of the season. It was great hearing his upper falsetto, and I thought it was Brian McKnight. Robin called it a “Super Six” performance, and Cheryl called it sexy. The final Masked Singer alum was The Eagle (Dr. Drew) and revealed that the Serpent sang with one of the panel before. Ken Jeong guessed Jamie Foxx, and Cheryl guessed Donald Faison. Nicole thought it was Dr. Elvis. 

After the votes were counted, it was time for the unmasking! Up first, the Whatchamacallit! Ken stood by his guess of Lonzo Ball, while Robin Thicke thought it was Michael Strahan. Jenny thought it was Devin Booker and Nicole guessed it was Carmelo Anthony. Cheryl stood by her guess of J.B. Smoove, but it turned out that Ken was RIGHT!!!! It was LONZO BALL! 

The second singer that went home tonight was the Serpent! That meant the Crocodile and the Seahorse were heading to the Super Six! Both Jenny and Ken guessed Daveed Diggs, Nicole stood by her guess of Dr. Elvis.  Robin joined Cheryl in guessing Donald Faison. It turned out that the Serpent was DR. ELVIS (Nicole was right!)

Next week, Group C sings on Thanksgiving night!

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