‘The Masked Singer’ Returns For A Sophomore Season

The Skeleton, the Flamingo, the Egg, and the Leopard will compete on the sophomore season of The Masked Singer. (Photos property of FOX)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

Earlier this year, FOX unleashed The Masked Singer onto the country. Based on the popular South Korean show, King of Mask Singer, this singing competition allows celebrities and athletes to showcase their vocals while wearing outlandish masked costumes. Earlier this year, viewers saw a Rabbit, an Alien, a Bee, a Peacock, and the love child of Monsters, Inc.’s Mike and Sully (aka the Monster) compete for the Golden Mask.

Tonight, several costumed performers followed in Joey Fatone, LaToya Jackson, Gladys Knight, Donny Osmond, and T-Pain’s footsteps. Who delivered an impeccable performance that guaranteed their spot in the next round? Who was forced to unmask? Did the Masked Singer judging panel (Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger) correctly guess the eliminated celebrity’s identity? Read on to find out!

This season, 16 celebrities will perform and for the next few shows, they were divided into four groups. Tonight, eight celebrities performed for the chance to stay in this competition. After Nick Cannon made his entrance to The Who’s “Who Are You?” and introduced the panelists, it was time to get down to business.

The first Masked Singer faceoff this season was The Butterfly versus the Egg. The Butterfly mentioned that she was from London and going through a few changes in life. She opened the show with Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj’s “Bang Bang.” She delivered an excellent vocal performance, and I immediately thought of Fantasia, Raven Symone or Naya Rivera under the Butterfly mask. Nicole and Jenny declared her a singer and the latter predicted that Ken would be confused all season long. Cara Delevinge, Diana Ross, Fantasia, and Mel B were the celebrities that the judges predicted was under the Butterfly Mask.

As the Butterfly left the Masked Singer stage, it was the Egg’s turn to perform. In the Egg’s pre-performance package, he revealed his passion for skateboards, fashion, and going for the Gold. He tackled Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face,” and his voice immediately reminded me of either RuPaul, Neil Patrick Harris, or Joel Madden. Jenny admired the Egg’s courage, and the panel guessed Christian Siriano, Johnny Weir, Adam Rippon, and JVN.  After the audience and the judges voted, they voted to advance the Butterfly and sent the Egg to the Bottom Two.

The two scariest masks of the season, the Thingamajig and the Skeleton, were the next performers to duel. The Thingamajig went first and revealed that he was a rapping magician that loves fashion and number four. He sang Lionel Richie’s “Easy,” and this Masked Singer made my jaw drop! I thought this performer sounded like Darius Rucker or Wayne Brady. Ken called the performance, “Amazing.” Nicole complimented on his tone, and Robin loved his swagger.  The panel guessed that it was Michael Strahan, Stephen Curry, and Dennis Rodman under the mask.

Meanwhile, the Skeleton chose his identity because he has no fear of death. He was known as a second fiddle and even stated: “Party on, dudes!” Tonight, he performed a mash-i[ “Rapper’s Delight” and “Good Times.” While the Skeleton could not sing, he made the audience laugh with delight. The Masked Singer judges thought that either comedic actors Jon Cryer, Jason Alexander, Dana Carvey, or Martin Short were under the mask.

At the end of the second vote, the Thingamajig stayed safe while the Skeleton had to prepare for a showdown against the Egg Mask. In the first Masked Singer smackdown of Season Two, the Egg sang an energetic Blondie’s “One Way or Another,” while the Skelton got into it with his song. The Skeleton won the smackdown and advanced to the next round, while the Egg will reveal his true identity at the end of the evening.

The second half of the evening focused on two new battles. First up, the Ladybug versus the Rottweiler. The Ladybug was a talk show or game show host. She revealed that she had a lifetime of drama and was a part of a famous family. The nervous Ladybug sang Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero” and her voice gave me Catherine Zeta-Jones and Susan Lucci vibes. Nicole stated during the performance that she knew that tone, while Robin thought it was a younger vocalist. The production impressed the Masked Singer audience. The panel thought it was either Lily Collins, Willow Smith, Lindsay Lohan, or Jamie Lynn Spears.

The Rottweiler revealed that he might be a football player that had overnight success. He sang Hall & Oates’ “Maneater,” and he was surprisingly good. I thought that he could have been Jason Derulo, Ne-Yo, or Usher in disguise. His performance received a standing ovation from The Masked Singer audience. The panelists guessed Brian Luttrell, Russell Wilson, Nick Lachey, and JC Chasez. After the audience and judges voted, the Rottweiler won the face-off while the Ladybug was in danger of going home.

Nick Cannon called the Tree versus Ice Cream duel-“the most colorful face-off in Masked Singer history.  The Tree loved getting dolled up and she revealed that she is an old school entertainer and a cook. Tonight, she sang Panic! At the Disco’s “High Hopes.” I immediately thought it was either Darlene Love or Jennifer Hudson under the mask. Meanwhile, the panelists thought the Tree was either Rachael Ray, Beverly D’Angelo, Zooey Deschanel, or Wendi McLendon-Covey.

Finally, the Ice Cream Mask performed. He revealed that he brought his fantasy into reality. He tackled Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Old Town Road.” I was floored by his baritone voice and his showmanship but however, he is not a singer. Nicole loved the performance, while Robin continued to throw out weird puns. The panel thought Rob Dyrdek, Marshmello, Diplo, or Calvin Harris was under the mask.

The Tree won the final voting session of the Masked Singer season premiere, which meant that Ice Cream would face off against the Ladybug for the last smackdown of the evening. Ice Cream began with a hysterical cover of Devo’s “Whip It,” while the Ladybug’s performance earned her safety.

The Egg was the first performer to be unmasked and the panel’s final guesses were Johnny Weir, Adam Rippon, JVN, and Christian Siriano. The celebrity that was under the Egg Mask was Skating icon Johnny Weir! Next, it was time to say goodbye to the Ice Cream Mask. The final guesses were Marshmello, Rob Dyrdek, and Deadmau5. Ice Cream Mask was Twitch icon Ninja!

Next Wednesday, another group of celebrities perform on The Masked Singer stage.


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