‘Masked Dancer’ Final 5 Dances For Their Lives

Masked Dancer Final Five
Exotic Bird, Zebra, Sloth, Cotton Candy, and Tulip faced off for four spots in ‘The Masked Dancer’ semifinals. (Photos & graphics property of FOX)

And then there were five! We are nearing the end of The Masked Dancer’s first season, and only five dancers are left. Tonight, Cotton Candy, Exotic Bird, Sloth, Tulip, and Zebra danced for the chance to compete in the show’s semifinals. Which performer stood out from the competition? Who was forced to join Ice-T, Bill Nye, Elizabeth Smart, Brian McKnight, and Jersey Shore’s Vinny in the unmasked dancer club? Did the Masked Dancer panel (Ken Jeong, Paula Abdul, Brian Austin Green, and Ashley Tisdale) correctly deduce the eliminated performer’s identity? Read on to find out!

After Craig Robinson introduced the fans to guest panelist Mayim Bialik, he revealed that the dance partners would spill secrets about their partners. The Tulip’s partner praised her and stated that they got close over the season. The pre-package clues included a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, an iced coffee, and a family-size potato chips bag. This week, the Tulip had a slumber party on the Masked Dancer stage. The Tulip made me smile with that performance.

The panel predicted that Tulip should go into the Semifinals. Ken loved the combination of comedy and fun of the routine. Mayim loved her personality and called the performance “delightful.” This week’s “Word Up” clue was “Lifetime Achievements.” The panel stated the youthfulness in her vocal tone. Paula guessed Liza Koshy, while Brian guessed Haylie Duff. The former Big Bang Theory actress thought Jamie Lynn Spears was the Tulip!

The Zebra was next to face the Masked Dancer panel. His partner called him “fun,” “super sensitive,” and had “zero fat on his body.” She also revealed that Zebra has two countries rooting for him. Zebra danced to Jason Derulo’s “Take You Dancing” and brought the party to the stage. Mayim loved the humor and variety of dance moves, while Brian Austin Green praised his “amazing footwork.” For Zebra’s “Word Up” clue, he stated that he was an “author.” Mayim guessed that Zebra could be Oscar De La Hoya (and Brian Austin Green stood by his previous guess of the superstar boxer). Meanwhile, Ashley thought Zebra Mask was Conor McGregor. However, Paula decided to go with baseball legend Barry Bonds.

While the panel bickered about their credentials, the Sloth decided to visit the show. The Sloth’s dance partner stated that she saw him on tour and called him “hilarious.” Tonight, the Sloth danced a Bollywood-inspired routine to “Twist Remix,” and my jaw dropped throughout the performance. Ashley called the performance “so fricking good!” and Brian loved his energy and predicted that he danced professionally. Sloth’s “Word Up” clue was “Rose.” Ken thought it was his Crazy Rich Asians co-star Harry Shum, Jr. Meanwhile, Ashley guessed Sloth was Hugh Jackman. Mayim assumed Jack Black because of the panda clue in the pre-performance package.

The Exotic Bird returned to The Masked Dancer. Her partner declared himself a “huge fan” and loved her dedication to being a mom. Tonight, Exotic Bird danced to Paula’s “Opposites Attract” and it made me smile. Paula praised the performance and stated that she loved seeing people dance to her music. For Exotic Bird’s “Word Up” clue, she said: “Circus.” Ashley guessed that Khloe Kardashian was the Exotic Bird. Meanwhile, Mayim assumed that Eve was behind the mask. Paula decided to go back to her original guest: Jordin Sparks.

Cotton Candy had the honor of closing the show tonight. Her partner loved her determination, and he stated that she went on a three-mile run while wearing a mask. Tonight, Cotton Candy incorporated ballet into her routine. Cotton Candy’s athleticism is so impressive, and I hope she is one of the last Masked Dancer characters standing! Mayim thought that Cotton Candy was a gymnast. The final “Word Up” clue of the round was “Prayer.” Ken thought Julianne Hough, while Brian Austin Green stood by his guess of Kristi Yamaguchi. Meanwhile, Paula stood by her guess of Simone Biles. Mayim ended the round by guessing Hayden Panettiere.

Once the votes were counted, Craig revealed that EXOTIC BIRD would be heading home! Ken began the round by guessing Jennifer Hudson. Meanwhile, Mayim guessed Eve. Brian Austin Green stood by his guess of Ashley Graham and Paula stood by her guess of Jordin Sparks (and Ashley joined her).


Next week, The Masked Dancer’s Final Four head to the semifinals!

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