Martina McBride visits ‘America’s Got Talent’ for Round Three of Judges Cuts

Martina McBride joined Howie, Mel B, Heidi, and Simon at the “America’s Got Talent” Judges Desk. (Screenshot property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

Country music superstar and fellow Kansasn Martina McBride visited America’s Got Talent for round three of the Season 13 Judge Cuts.  Which act impressed the “Independence Day” singer so much that she pressed the Golden Buzzer? Read on to find out!

After a montage of tonight’s participating acts, Tyra and the judges made their entrances and welcomed their guest judge, Martina McBride. Once the 14-time Grammy-nominated singer tested the Golden Buzzer, it was time to get down to business. The Savitsky Cats was the first act to face the singer and the judges.  While the cats showed their skills, I found myself thinking: “I would not pay money to see this act for 90 minutes!” However, Howie commented that they “stepped it up,” while Martina McBride loved it and called the cats “cute.”

Blue Tokyo set the bar high with their second performance as the shirtless men performed impeccable stunts. While Heidi and Howie enjoyed it, Simon and Mel B did not feel that Blue Tokyo stepped it up. Meanwhile, the OC Music and Dance performed Kesha’s “Praying,” which Mel B loved, but Howie hated it.

High school dance team The PAC Dance Team’s The Wizard of Oz routine enchanted the audience, but not Howie.  This time, the Walden Grove High School troupe took the AGT audience to Wonderland in an Alice in Wonderland-inspired routine.  Howie buzzed them, and I have to agree with him. The routine was not ready for prime time. Also, Simon blamed their teacher for choosing the soundtrack! Meanwhile, Martina and Heidi vowed to fight for them.

During the judges’ break, Howie revealed that there were a lot of singers in this group. Both Jeffrey Li and Angel Garcia bonded backstage. Angel sang Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are” in Spanish that put a smile on my face. Martina McBride called his choice: “Perfect,” but Howie accused him of singing with his eyes closed.  Meanwhile, Jeffrey knew that there was only a 40 percent chance that he could go to the live shows.  He tackled one of the monstrous songs anyone could sing: Whitney Houston’s “One Moment in Time.” My jaw dropped as Jeffrey sang, his prominent voice reminds me so much of a young Billy Gilman or Adam Lambert.  I hope someone signs him in the future.

Ballroom dance duo Quin and Misha took the stage. The 71-year-old Quin started taking a dance class with her husband. However, when her lover could not keep up with her, Quin found Misha, and they became a force to be reckoned with in the ballroom.  They might remind veteran Got Talent viewers of Britain’s Got Talent ballroom standouts Paddy and Nico (Amanda Holden’s Golden Buzzer) because their routines were in the same vein as the British-based duo.  Quin and Misha’s choreography to Fleur East’s “Sax” was not only point…but on fire! Martina McBride not only called Quin “inspiring” but also pressed her Golden Buzzer!  Just like Paddy and Nico, the duo will take their routine to the Dolby Theatre live shows.

Glee alum and singer-songwriter Noah Guthrie returned to the show for his second chance. Thanks to a road trip with his father where they toured across the country, Noah fell back in love with music.  The 24-year-old singer-songwriter’s first song did not impress Simon, who stopped him dead in his tracks. However, when Noah sang The Allman Brothers Band’s “Whipping Post,” he soared! Noah received a standing ovation from Martina McBride and all four judges. He delivered one of the best vocal performances so far this round!

Fratelli Rossi returned to the stage in hopes to perform in front of America at the Dolby Theatre. They bounced back after they stumbled during the first round of auditions. Howie scolded them when the brothers revealed that they did not practice due to the danger level of their performance.  I could not keep my eyes off of the brothers, and I cannot believe they got Martina McBride to assist them.  I genuinely think that AGT is going to be a stepping stone for them because they could be a breakthrough Vegas act!

32-year-old gothic comedian Oliver Graves made me laugh during his Judges Auditions. He worked various retail jobs, but he wanted to be continued to his comedic career. Oliver joked about transitioning his diet, his past, and sleeping with taxidermized animals. I could not stop laughing. His jokes made me laugh and smile. Howie gave him a standing ovation, while Simon was impressed that Oliver’s material did not go over the audience’s head.


If there was one dance act that should have gotten a Golden Buzzer, it was Russian blacklight group UDI. The dance instructors want to inspire their students back in their home country that achieving their dreams is not impossible. There is something about UDI that genially enjoy. Their routines are not only jaw-dropping, but also spectacular!

Siblings Joshua, Manny, and Bethany Humile, who AGT fans know as the We Three band, returned to claim one of the remaining slots for the Dolby Theatre live shows. They showcased another original song, “Life,” for their Judge Cuts’ performance.  I wish that the AGT technicians could have tuned up their mics because I wanted to hear the lyrics! Other than that, I hope I hear the We Three band on the radio soon! Guest judge Martina McBride declared that the song’s first line was one of “the best first lines I have ever heard.”  Martina added that We Three were “so vulnerable” and “real” with their performance, that America would want to hear more from them.

Asia’s Got Talent champion The Sacred Riana concluded the night! She scared the judges during her audition. This time around, the 25-year-old illusionist hoped to terrify them to place her in the Season 13 live shows. Martina McBride tried to converse with her, but the Sacred Riana immediately went to the Judges’ Table. She forced Mel B to hold on to a creepy Wednesday Addams-like doll, as she returned to the stage.

“My imaginary friend likes to play, and she also likes fear,” said the illusionist, before opening up a creepy dollhouse. The Sacred Riana held a red candle in one hand, while she rang a bell. She placed both items in the dollhouse, and the candle magically lit.  As she held out a blank book, a terrified Mel B forced Howie to hold the doll.  The Sacred Riana wrote ‘Do you want to play?’ on the book’s cover before placing it and a water goblet into the dollhouse.

After she locked the dollhouse’s doors, the bell began to ring mysteriously. She opened the door and revealed that the book was not only full of colors but also ‘blood.’ Finally, the Sacred Riana showcased a page that had the phrase: “I Want to Play with Mel B” on it.  Howie gave the doll back to Scary Spice, and the Sacred Riana returned to the table to retrieve the doll. However, she left the book on the table.  She put the doll into the house and spoke: “Come out! Let’s play with our new friend.” Suddenly, the dollhouse exploded, and a duplicate of the Sacred Riana jumped onto the stage.  Both Simon and Mel B demanded that the Sacred Riana stopped her performance, while Howie politely stated: “Thank you! Go away, now!”  Scary Spice had to be escorted off the stage, not before she encountered the Sacred Riana backstage!

After saying goodbye to Martina McBride, it was time for the Judges to reveal who would be performing at the Dolby Theatre.  The acts that were going through to the next round were the Savitsky Cats (Really over Oliver?), the PAC Dance Team (WTH? Over Fratelli Rossi?), the Sacred Riana, UDI Dance, Noah Guthrie, and We Three Band!

Next week, Chris Hardwick returns to America’s Got Talent to help the show conclude the Season 13 Judge Cuts.


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