Maren & Charlie visit “The Voice” as the Season 12 Instant Save continues

“The Voice: Season 12” Top 10 pose together. (Photo property of NBC’s Trae Patton)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

Do not get me wrong, I like when artists such as Maren Morris and Charlie Puth are on television, but I believe when you have a show like The Voice, the show should highlight past artists and not Top 40 acts.

I am a little disappointed that Team Christina’s Alisan Porter is the only artist from a previous season to come back home to the Universal Studios Hollywood soundstage and perform on Season 12. It would be nice to Lauren Duski get out of the country lane and perform a duet with the likes of Season Two’s Chris Mann or Season Five’s Will Champlin.  I also believe that Brennley Brown, Mark Isaiah, and Aliyah Moulden would have benefited from getting advice from either Season Four’s Danielle Bradbury, Season Eight’s Sawyer Fredericks, or Season 11’s We McDonald, who have been in their shoes.  I would love to see Chris Blue let loose and perform with the biggest voices in show history such as Season Six’s Sisaundra Lewis or friends to the blog: Season One semifinalist Frenchie Davis, Season Two standout Kim Yarbrough, and Season Eight dynamo Kimberly Nichole.  I know that Mark Burnett, Carson Daly, and The Voice producers may or may not read this article, but I believe this would not only get higher ratings, but it would give the opportunity to the competing artists to learn from your beloved alumni.

Next week is the Season 12 semifinals and I believe there are a few artists such as Lauren, Brennley, Chris, and Team Alicia’s Vanessa Ferguson that have the chance to duke it out for Sundance Head’s crown and stash.  However, as we witnessed in the past few weeks, Twitter followers trump talent.  Did we see an early favorite have to fight for a spot in the Top Eight in the Season 12 Instant Save round? Read on to find out.

After country artist Maren Morris kicked off the night with her latest single: “I Could Use a Love Song,” it was time to get down for business. Longtime host Carson Daly revealed that America saved Team Blake’s Aliyah Moulden (WOW!) and Team Alicia’s Chris Blue (Yes!).

Once Carson checked with the coaches, he revealed that Lauren Duski and Team Gwen’s Hunter Plake (Really?) would be joining Aliyah and Chris in next week’s semi-finals. Carson next revealed that Team Adam’s Jesse Larson and Team Gwen’s Brennley Brown (Good) would not be singing for the Season 12 Instant Save.

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter (and Team Alicia advisor) Charlie Puth returned to the show to perform his new single: “Attention.” Charlie has great vocals, but I thought that the background dancers were very unnecessary.  As Team Puth left the stage, Carson brought the remaining artists to the stage where we learned that TSoul (what were you thinking, America?) would be singing next week.

Team Adam’s Lilli Passero sang “Stormy Weather” for her Instant Save performance. It was sturdy performance and I wished that she performed last night. (Grade: A-) Mark Isaiah sang Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” for his last Instant Save performance. It was abysmal! (Grade: F) Team Alicia’s Vanessa Ferguson closed the Season 12 Instant Save round with Stevie Wonder’s “For Once in My Life.” I loved that Vanessa showcased all the colors in her vocals and she truly had fun on the stage. (Grade: A+)

The artist who was saved by America’s votes was…VANESSA!!!

Next week, The Top Eight duke it out for a spot in the Season 12 finale.

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