Maleficent is resurrected as the Charmings’ past haunts “OUAT”

Kristen Bauer van Straten strikes a pose as Maleficent

Maleficent (Kristin Bauer van Straten) was resurrected in tonight’s “OUAT”! (Photo property of ABC)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

Storybrooke is about to get darker!

After a visit from the hellish Chernabog, the town got unwelcomed visitors in the forms of Ursula and Cruella de Vil. While the villainesses claimed that they turned over a new leaf, they immediately double-crossed the town and smuggled in their partner, the bitter Dark One, back into Storybrooke.

As the trio prepared to resurrect the deadliest member of the unholy quartet, the Charmings confronted Ursula and Cruella and threatened their lives if they spilled their dark past together!

What dark secret from Snow and Charming’s past is about to be revealed? How did the trio resurrect the Mistress of All Evil? Read on to find out…

In the Enchanted Forest, the Queens of Darkness met with Snow and Charming outside their palace. All three femme fatales wanted to make a deal with the Charmings. The Queens of Darkness shared a potential tool that would stop Regina and the Dark Curse: the Tree of Wisdom.

Once, the Charmings and the Queens of Darkness arrived near the location. The couple betrayed the Queens and searched for the Tree of Wisdom themselves. When Snow and Charming found the tree, the tree knocked them out. Both the couple and the Queens were shocked with the rejection until Maleficent revealed the truth: Snow was pregnant!

Maleficent also added that because the baby was the product of True Love’s Kiss, the baby had the potential to be the greatest hero or the greatest villain in the realm.

Meanwhile in Storybrooke, Snow had a nightmare where a resurrected Maleficent and her other partners threatened Baby Neal and her family. When she awoke from her nightmare, Snow shared Maleficent’s threat and Charming vowed that they would get rid of them before everyone learned their secret.

As the Charmings dined at Granny’s, they ran into their old acquaintances that were apparently driving everyone crazy with their presence. Regina threatened them with expulsion from the town line, if they ever mentioned the past to Henry again.

The dastardly duo went to Gold’s shop to harass Belle and found an object that was needed for Rumple’s resurrection spell. As they drove off, Emma and Charmings found and confronted them. While Emma held Ursula and Cruella back, David searched the car and found the missing object…one of Maleficent’s beloved orbs. Once David found out the truth, the duo realized that the witches were going to resurrected Maleficent.

While David and Mary Margaret plotted to get rid of Maleficent’s remains, Captain Hook refused to answer Emma’s prodding about his past relationship with the Sea Witch. She was also befuddled when her parents lied about dropping their witch hunt against the villainesses.

As Emma left to calm down the former Evil Queen, Snow and Charming ventured down to Storybrooke’s catacombs where they found Maleficent’s remains. Unfortunately, Cruella and Ursula were waiting for them. As Gold gave them his knife, the ladies lied about Belle. As Gold left the catacombs disappointed, Cruella sliced Snow and Charming’s hands opened and used their blood to successfully resurrect the Mistress of All Evil.

Snow tried to reason with Maleficent and begged the witch to murder her. Maleficent refused and told her that she wanted Snow’s pain to be long and unyielding. As she regrouped with Ursula and Cruella, she gloated the fact that she was going to enjoy watching their world detonate.

It did not take long for their world to detonate as Emma revealed that she expected the worse in people. The duo overheard their conversation and revealed that Maleficent was back in town.

However, Snow secretly went to Regina and asked her to go deep undercover to work with the Queens of Darkness and learn their plans. Regina bluntly asked Snow what she and her husband did to Maleficent that pissed her off. Snow revealed two items: Emma was born with the potential for great darkness and that they were the reason why Maleficent lost her child.

Next week, Regina infiltrates the Queens of Darkness!

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