Ladies & Gentlemen-meet your final five “AGT: Season 12” finalists

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By: Jacob Elyachar,

Last night, the 11 remaining semi-finalists took the Dolby Theatre by storm to become Season 12 finalists!

Several variety acts including mentalist Colin Cloud, dancer Merrick Hanna, acrobatic dance group Diavolo, and light-up dance crew (and Tyra Banks’ Golden Buzzer) Light Balance stole the show! Meanwhile, Kechi and Mandy Harvey faced off for the show’s female adult singer spot.  Angelica Hale left both Celine Tam and Christian Guardino in the dust, while the Judges (Simon, Heidi, Mel B, and Howie) left the viewers barking mad as they brought back the Pomeyo Family Dogs as the Season 11 Semifinal Wild Card act.

Tonight, viewers learned who will be joining Darci Lynn Farmer, Preacher Lawson, Chase Goehring, and Sara & Hero in next week’s Season 12 finale.  Who were the finalists that were immediately were voted through to the final round? Which acts needed the last Dunkin’ Save and Judges’ Save of Season 12 to advance? Read on to find out.

As Tyra revealed that the Season 12 acts had been viewed on YouTube over a billion views on YouTube, the Season 12 semi-finalists took the stage.  Tyra revealed that Colin Cloud, Diavolo, and Kechi were in danger of being eliminated from the competition. Both Colin Cloud and Diavolo should be in the finale, not fighting for the Dunkin’ Save and the Judges’ Save.  As for Kechi, I am a little divided. Part of me said that she deserved to be in the finals, but on the other hand…she could be another Evie Clair and steal someone else’s spot on an act that deserved to be in the Season 12 finale (Eric Jones and Yoli Mayor).

After Scary Spice’s visit to the Dunkin’ Lounge, where she talked to Kechi, Diavolo’s choreographer, Colin Cloud and hugged In the Stairwell, it was time for Tyra to reveal the first round of results. Up first to learn their fates, Christian Guardino, Merrick Hanna, and Angelica Hale. An enthusiastic crowd roared when ANGELICA HALE was given the first spot in the Season 12 Finale.  The next result saw MANDY HARVEY beat Celine Tan and the Pompeyo Family Dogs for the second spot in the Season 12 finals.

In all honesty, the Season 12 group of finalists is the second weakest groups of finalists. There are too many sob stories that have robbed truly talented contestants. As for the low-grade Las Vegas entertainment, I rather have seen some talent AGT alums entertain the Dolby Theatre audience: Terry Fator, Barbara Padilla, Branden James, Emily West, AcroArmy, and Sons of Serendip would have been perfect candidates to rock the results show.

After Tyra Banks watched AGT with the show’s real (and youngest) fans with a cameo from Simon, LIGHT BALANCE received the third finalist spot. The Dunkin’ Save vote belonged to KECHI.  That meant Colin Cloud and Diavolo faced off for the final Judges’ Save of the season.  Simon kicked off the vote and selected Diavolo based on who people would want to see in the finale. Mel B joined forces with Simon and voted through Diavolo. Howie completed the vote and made DIAVOLO the final act in the Season 12 finals!!!

Next week, the fight for the $1,000,000 prize and Las Vegas headlining show begins!  

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