Kenichi Ebina and Taylor Williamson return to their old “AGT” stomping grounds

Kenichi Ebina and Taylor Williamson AGT

Kenichi Ebina and Taylor Williamson visited the “AGT” crew during an intense results show! (Photo property of NBC’s Virginia Sherwood)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

In all honesty, the competition truly began last night!

There were some outstanding surprises (here’s looking at you, Cornell Bhangra and Blue Journey) and astonishing performances (great work, AcroArmy, Sons of Serendip and Wendi Liebman)!

Tonight, five more acts advanced to the Semifinals!

Which acts advanced? Which fan favorites were surprisingly eliminated? Who had to face the Judges’ Choice round? Read on to find out…

Before they revealed the results,Nick checked in with Mel B (whose butt was still sore from her shocking assistance with Mike Super).  We also learned that Howie swore during AcroArmy’s performance, Heidi fell out of her chair and a member of Cornell Bhangra injured his knees during their routine.

To end everyone’s waiting…Nick revealed the first result! Up first were powerhouse groups: Sons of Serendip and Cornell Bhangra. America rallied behind the soul quartet and sent the Today’s Got Talent winners home. While Scary Spice was pleased with the outcome, she noted that both acts left everything on that stage and was bummed that Cornell Bhangra was eliminated.

Following a visit to the Reddi Wip After party, Nick revealed the second result of the night! In a choice between Blue Journey, Kieran and Finian Makepeace and the Dragon House “The Agents,” America chose the shadow-dancing act. Heidi stated in her remarks, that she was not surprised with the results and stated that she is looking forward to see what they bring to the Semifinals.

Al Roker surprised the show when the judges answered questions from the viewers! After Howard and Howie traded barbs with the Today weatherman, it was the battle of the singers as both Paul Ieti and Anna Clendening faced off for one spot in the Semifinals. The army veteran won over the Vine star and dedicated his victory to his family. Howie praised both of them as heroes in their own right!

Taylor Williamson and Kenichi Ebina returned to the show to provide the entertainment! Up first, Taylor reunited with his “on-screen girlfriend” Heidi Klum for a hysterical package, while Kenichi “recruited” Howie and Heidi for a mind-blowing performance.

Christian Stoinev took the fourth spot (even though we already have Andrey Moraru who is 10,000 times better) and Wendy Liebman should have gotten that spot. I will be nastier to Christian and Scooby during their Semifinal appearance. But, Wendy was not the only one whose dreams were crushed….Piano prodigy Adrian Romoff was surprisingly eliminated! He remains the only act this season to receive a standing ovation from the judges as he was eliminated.

It was time for the judges to select the final act. Both AcroArmy and Mike Super delivered incredible performances…but only one could move on to the next round! Heidi started the vote off by selecting AcroArmy as her pick! Howie listened to Twitter and picked Mike Super! In the end of the night, both Scary Spice and the King of All Media chose AcroArmy to advance to the Semifinals.

Next week, the final group of quarterfinalists which includes Kelli Glover, One Voice Children’s Choir, Smoothini, Nina Buri, Emil and Dariel and Bad Boys of Ballet will take the Radio City Music Hall stage!


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