Julianne Hough Finally Finds her Golden Buzzer Act

Julianne Hough found her Golden Buzzer act as the America’s Got Talent: Season 14 Judges’ Auditions concluded! (Photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

After two weeks of teasing viewers, new America’s Got Talent (AGT) judge Julianne Hough finally revealed her Golden Buzzer act.   Which act joined Kodi Lee, Joseph Allen, Tyler Butler-Figueroa, and the Detroit Youth Choir at the Season 14 Live Shows, which will take place at the Dolby Theatre?  Read on to find out!

After the judges went go-kart racing and a brief recap of the Judges’ Auditions, it was time to get down to business.  Gonzo traveled from Tokyo to showcase his tambourine skills. He made both the audience laugh and cringe with his goofy choreography that included hitting the tambourine in his face. Only Howie and Julianne Hough gave him a standing ovation for his performance. Howie praised the performance, while Gabrielle admired his commitment. Simon called it “Bonkers!” Surprisingly, Gonzo got the first four “Yeses” of the evening. Terry Crews joined him for a brief performance as he guided Gonzo off the stage.

47-year-old Detention officer Olivia Calderon wanted to showcase her vocals. She spent 21 years in the correctional facilities in Tempe, Arizona. Her family screamed from the Pasadena Civic Center auditorium as she performed the Spanish version of “My Way.” Olivia’s voice gave me chills and made me smile. While Julianne Hough, Gabrielle Union, and Simon Cowell gave her a standing ovation, Howie was brutally honest and stated that her music was not his cup of tea.  Thankfully, the other judges voted her to the next round.

The biggest surprise came from Duo MaintenanT. This acrobatic husband and wife duo delivered a beautiful routine to “Never Tear Us Apart” that showcased high0flying stunts and a standing ovation from all four judges.  Simon stated that they reminded him of watching the Olympics, while Julianne Hough declared them the best acrobatic act of the season. They received a pass to the next round.

Dance troupe Revolution hit the stage to impress the AGT audience. The Argentina-based dance group traveled to the United States to improve their lives. While they took a routine from the Malevo playbook, these ladies delivered an impressive performance that made me scream like a banshee. Simon called the performance “Amazing” and told the women not to doubt their talent.  They received over 7,000 yeses.

The Sentimentalists (Mysterion and Steffi Kay) reminded me so much of Thommy and Amelie. Before they went on the stage, the duo tasked the AGT audience to draw items on a piece of paper.  As their assistants collected the audience’s drawings, Mysterion tasked the judges to draw an item that will be telekinetically sent to Steffi’s mind and closed her eyes. He tasked Gabrielle Union to randomly select a drawing and Steffi correctly predicted that Gabrielle handed Mysterion an illustration of a tree. They asked Terry to join them on stage to pick out a random drawing through a wind machine. Steffi correctly predicted that Terry picked out an image of a heart.  Steffi revealed that an audience member named Chelsea. However, Howie and Simon were not impressed with their presentation.  While Julianne and Gabrielle voted “Yes,” Howie voted “No.” In a last ditched attempt, the duo made Simon change his mind when they correctly predicted that the Got Talent creator was thinking of Lassie.

30-year-old Chris Klafford made his American debut. The Swedish singer won his country’s version of American Idol and revealed to the judges that he listened to a lot of KISS. He tackled John Lennon’s immortal “Imagine” for his audition. Chris’s voice reminded me of a cross between David Archuleta,  Jordan Smith, and Chris Stapleton.  Julianne Hough loved Chris’ heart and passion, while Simon called the performance “incredible.” Chris moved on to the Season 14 Judge Cuts.

Savannah, Georgia native Matthew Richardson hoped to bring his entertainment career to the next level by auditioning for AGT. The 33-year-old freelance graphic designer was inspired to pursue acrobatics after seeing a performance when he was an 18-year-old. He started training when he was 20-years-old and was nervous about performing in front of the judges. Matthew appeared on stage shirtless and in silver body paint, which matched with Julianne Hough’s outfit. Once Simon wished him luck, a production assistant brought a silver hoop down. An eerie version of “Memory” began to play as Matthew rose above the Pasadena Civic Center’s stage. However, Matthew continued to shine as he removed its harness and performed stunts on the scene. I loved his choreography and showmanship! Julianne led the four-judge standing ovation and revealed that she was blown away by Matthew’s performance. Howie noted that the show did see Matthew’s act before, but the veteran judge commended on Matthew’s agility and athleticism. While Simon forewarned Matthew that he needed to add more to his act, all four judges invited him to Judge Cuts.

65-year-old Robert Finley hoped that AGT would help make his dreams come true. The Vietnam War veteran started a family after the war and lost track of his dream. However, after hearing that he was losing his sight to glaucoma from his VA doctor, Robert returned to his passion of playing music.  Terry guided him to the stage, and he shared his story with Julianne Hough and the other judges. Robert revealed that he would perform an original song called “Get It While You Can.” Robert’s voice reminded me so much of Little Richard, Reverend Al Green, and Sam Moore. He is a strong vocalist and a superb songwriter! Robert received a standing ovation from all four judges.  Howie stated that they felt his passion and called him a great inspiration. Gabrielle Union added that she loved his lyric: “wrap it up in bacon” and loved his spirit.  All four judges voted him to attend the next round! Robert’s daughter joined Terry as they walked him off the stage.

Texas native turned Los Angeles transplant, and comedian Kara with a K tried to flirt with Terry before she faced the judges. I loved Kara’s personality from the moment that she walked to the stage. In her set, Kara revealed that she lost 45 lbs, Texan cuisine, and ate a sandwich that was stuffed in her bra. She gave Julianne Hough fries and took Simon’s Dunkin’ cup. Simon christened her “The Dolly Parton of Comedy,” while Howie jokingly asked for a salad.  She received the last four “Yeses” of the season.

Singer Luke Islam was the final act to audition for Season 14. The 12-year-old singer from Garden City, NY had a passion for singing since he was in preschool. He is a massive musical theatre fan with a passion for The Lion King, Kinky Boots, and Aladdin.  Before he performed, Luke revealed that he loved Julianne Hough. Luke sang “She Used to Be Mine” from Waitress and I was blown away! This Sara Bareilles-penned track is a monster of a song, but Luke delivered a Tony-worthy performance.  While it may take him a while to win a Tony, his favorite judge gave him a massive gift: her Golden Buzzer!

Next week, the Season 14 Judges’ Cuts begin! Which acts’ dreams will come true or will come crashing down?

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