Did Julianne Hough Select Her Golden Buzzer Act? ‘AGT’ Auditions Continues

Julianne Hough had the final Golden Buzzer act of the Season 14 Judges’ Auditions. Did she use it? (Photo property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

All eyes were on Julianne Hough as she had the sole Golden Buzzer remaining.  Over the past four weeks, each of her colleagues selected worthy acts to compete at the Dolby Theatre. Tonight, the former Dancing with the Stars judge selected her Golden Buzzer act.  Who will join Kodi Lee, Joseph Allen, Tyler Butler-Figueroa, and the Detroit Youth Choir at the Season 14 live shows?  Read on to find out!

After the judges and Terry competed on who made the flashiest entrance (Terry won by default), it was time to get down to business. Nick and Lindsay Williams celebrated their six years of marriage, and they are a musical duo. However, it turns out that they are indeed a danger act! As Nick sang, Lindsay threw daggers at him! The biggest surprise was Lindsay throwing a fire dagger at her husband. While Simon initially said: “No” due to Nick’s singing, he changed it to a “Yes” after Lindsay successfully threw a dagger with her foot at Simon. They were the first act to advance to the next round.

Contemporary kid dancers 11-year-old Izzy and 14-year-old Easton visited AGT in hopes to grab the show’s $1,000,000 prize. The duo looked adorable in their pre-performance package as Izzy threw candy into Easton’s mouth, while the choreographed admitted that he loved how they performed the Floss dance. However, my eyebrows perked up when Izzy described their routine. Easton portrayed a soldier that was called out to war, while Izzy portrayed the sister who did not want him to leave. I was shocked that they danced about this mature topic. However, I thought they had incredible movement. I believe that when Izzy and Easton get older, they should enter either So You Think You Dance or World of Dance. Howie loved their intensity, while Julianne Hough called it: “A Spectacular Performance.” The duo received an invitation to the Season 14 Judges’ Cuts.

27-year-old Lamont Landers began his musical journey when his dad gave him a guitar. The Showtime at the Apollo alum performed a jazzy version of Reverend Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.” However, Simon stopped the performance and wanted him to sing a better song.  He asked him to come back later in the afternoon and not act cocky. As Lamont left the stage, Simon admitted that Lamont’s attitude got on his nerves. After struggling with Simon’s challenge, he tackled a slowed down version of Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own.” Throughout the performance, Lamont’s artistry definitely shined through. All the judges gave him a standing ovation and were impressed with his ability to handle the pressure. He received the third unanimous “Yes” of the evening.

The Ndlovu Youth Choir traveled from Limpopo, South Africa to audition for Simon and the judges. It was their first time performing in the United States. The colorful choir performed a beautiful number that gave me my first set of chills of the evening. I loved their harmonies, choreography, and spirit! Julianne Hough stated they she loved the group’s authenticity and they successfully transported the audience to South Africa, while Simon loved their energy! They received four “Yeses” and a spot in the Season 14 Judges Cuts round.

Two Roman psychologists created a virtual reality software called Phobia VR to showcase how technology and psychology can work together. The duo put Howie through a virtual simulator that brought him face to face with his greatest fears. Howie confronted acrophobia with saving a “virtual person” from death. Next, he dealt with his germaphobia by touching the actor’s hand. After he left the stage, Howie declared to Julianne Hough and the judges that he felt like a hero! Howie gave them four “Yeses,” and the Phobia VR psychologists advanced to the next round.

10-year-old Emmane Beasha gave her hug to her stuffed animal, Uni, before facing the judges. After bonding with Julianne Hough, Emmane performed “Nessun Dorma,” a song that has turned opera singers into household names. I think she could be the second coming of another legendary youth performer: Season Five runner-up Jackie Evancho. Julianne was stunned by her performance, while Simon called her: “Absolutely fantastic!” She received four “Yeses” from the judges.

I genuinely hate animal acts. I did not pay any attention to Lukas and Falco! I wanted to channel my inner Piers Morgan and just hit my buzzer. However, the judges gave them a standing ovation. Gabrielle loved the duo, while Howie called the act: “Adorable!” Even Julianne Hough wanted to play with Falco, but he decided to play with Terry Crews. While I would have given them a harsh “NO,” the judges voted Lukas and Falco into the next round.

Romania’s Got Talent alums Verba Shadow took to the Pasadena Civic Center stage. The Ukrainian dance troupe met nine years ago while they were in college. The group weaved a powerful story that perfectly showcased the emotional spectrum while weaving elements of the tragedies of war.  I wept when I saw the audition on the show’s official YouTube channel and it was probably one of the best auditions of the season. All four judges gave them a standing ovation and gave them a ticket to the next round.

25-year-old Australian travel agent Ben Trigger visited AGT to impress Julianne Hough. He fought adversity due to his weight and after a severe knee injury, it forced him to leave the dance world and he had to take on a dead-end job. However, he saw AGT as his second chance for stardom. Ben danced to “Boogie Wonderland.” He reminded me so much of Chris Farley’s Chippendales routine and he put a smile to my face! I was so shocked when he hit the Golden Buzzer for himself. However, It did not count and Ben moved onto the Judges’ Cuts. This left Julianne as the first judge in AGT history not to use her Golden Buzzer during the Judges’ Auditions.

Update: Julianne Hough confirmed on her Twitter that her Golden Buzzer act will appear on the July 9 act of ‘America’s Got Talent.’

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