Jon Dorenbos returns to ‘AGT’ as 2 acts advance

AGT: Season 11 Finalist Jon Dorenbos retuned as two more acts advanced to the Season 17 finale. (Photos & graphics property of NBC)

By: Jacob Elyachar, 

Since its debut in 2006, America’s Got Talent (AGT) has transformed many lives. Magician Jon Dorenbos was one of the recipients of the life-changing opportunity.  

 The former Philadelphia Eagles long snapper auditioned for AGT. His life was changed as his magic charmed judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and former judge Mel B and connected with the audience. After placing third on the show’s eleventh season, Jon became a semiregular guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Showcompeted on America’s Got Talent: The Champions, and released a best-selling book: Life is Magic – My Inspiring Journey from Tragedy to Self-Discovery. 

Tonight, 11 more acts hoped that they would follow Jon Dorenbos’s path to the final. However, only two performers advanced to the Season 17 finale! Who will be facing off against Avery Dixon and Drake Milligan? Read on to find out!

After recapping last night’s performances, the 11 acts returned to the Pasadena Civic Center stage, and Terry revealed that each judge would elect a Wild Card act that deserved to be in the Season 17 finale. The audience would use the show’s Instant Save to send one of their candidates to the finale.

Duo Rings, Maddie, The Brown Brothers (Really over Fusion Japan and the Pack Drumline), Yu Hojin, and Chapel Hart, were this week’s Top Five. I will be bluntly honest; I’m not too fond of this format. Fusion Japan and the Pack Drumline were worthy of the Judges’ Save and the Sonic Save, respectively. I hope that they get one of the Judges’ Wildcards.

After the acts shared their viral success with the show, Jon Dorenbos returned and walked to the Judges’ Desk. This routine focused on fusing his passions of football and magic. Jon asked the judges to grab one number and brought Terry onto the stage. He asked the judges to pick up an envelope. Simon picked “H,” and Terry picked up a dark navy helmet. Sofia selected “J,” and received the yellow helmet. Heidi chose “K” and received the red helmet. Finally, Howie picked “M” and the purple helmet. Once Terry left, Jon revealed that he correctly predicted Sofia and the gentlemen’s numbers and jerseys.

As Jon Dorenbos left the stage, Terry revealed that Yu Hojin, Maddie, and Chapel Hart made this week’s Top Three. Chapel Hart and Yu Hojin will join Avery and Drake in the finale!

Next week, the third set of AGT qualifiers take the Pasadena Civic Center stage.

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