TV Legend Jay Leno Ends ‘AGT: Season 14’ Judge Cuts

Jay Leno visited America’s Got Talent for the last round of the Season 14 Judge Cuts. (Photo property of NBC’s Trae Patton)

By: Jacob Elyachar,

Former Tonight Show host and comedy icon Jay Leno visited America’s Got Talent (AGT) to conclude the Season 14 Judge Cuts. Which act received the final Golden Buzzer of Season 14?  Read on to find out!

After Terry made his entrance, he introduced the late-night legend to the Universal Studio Hollywood audience. The Dominquez Poodles were up first to face Jay Leno and the judges. Ever since the Olate Dogs won AGT: Season Seven, I have despised animal acts. I was bored by their routine and would have buzzed them if I was on the dais.

Backstage, many acts wanted to receive Jay Leno’s Golden Buzzer. Canadian dance troupe DM Nation wanted to grab the buzzer but wanted to be the first all-female dance troupe to be in the AGT finale. The ladies definitely stepped up their act by enhancing their choreography…however, I wanted more from them.  Entertainer Ben Trigger gave himself the Golden Buzzer when he auditioned, but it did not count! However, the 25-year-old Australian dancer wanted to showcase his serious side with a contemporary routine to “Titanium.” Thankfully, he decided to ditch the mature dance and brought out two showgirls and performed a rousing rendition of Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary.” I loved his creativity and his bravery to give himself the Golden Buzzer again!

Singer Nicholas Conners performed “Ain’t Nobody,” while 19-year-old busker Jordan Ravi tried to entertain the ladies with Panic! At the Disco’s “High Hopes.” However, the Voice Kids Germany runner-up Benicio Bryant hoped to earn one of the final spots in the Season 14 Live Shows. Before he performed, Julianne stated that she could not stop thinking about the 14-year-old performer. Benicio hoped that his original song, “Here Goes Nothing,” would be his ticket into the competition. Benicio has star quality and his voice is superb! He reminds me of watching Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes when they were starting in the music industry. Guest judge Jay Leno joined Julianne, Simon, Gabrielle, and Howie in the standing ovation.

Contortionist Marina Mazepa wanted to showcase the judges a performance that they would not forget. She started at the top of a giant silver pole and showcased her flexibility once she got to the ground. Marina menacingly approached the Judges Desk and touched Simon. I got to say that the routine was a risk, but she delivered a performance that I would not forget. Both Jay Leno, Julianne, and even Simon praised her artistry and the latter called her a contender!

13-year-old Charlotte Summers is an AGT superfan. The talent competition inspired her to sing, and she delivered a phenomenal version of “You Don’t Own Me.” She reminds me of a young Bianca Ryan with shades of Courtney Hadwin. Those notes were spectacularly right, and Jay Leno recognized it as the first feminist anthem of his time. Gospel singer Callie Day found viral success and hoped that AGT would resurrect her passion for performing. She delivered a beautiful performance that perfectly showcased her velvety voice. Her performance riled Jay Leno and wanted her to sing the song A cappella. Callie’s voice moved Julianne to tears, and Simon added that he would tell people to listen to her when it comes to gospel music.

Arab’s Got Talent winner Emanne Beasha was nervous with all of the young competitors in her group. The opera singer admitted that her Judge Cuts performance was the hardest song she ever sang. She tackled “Caruso,” a song that Paul Potts performed during AGT: Champions and just like Britain’s Got Talent’s inaugural winner, she delivered a powerful vocal that showcased elegance and grace!  She received a standing ovation from all of the judges and Jay Leno’s Golden Buzzer.

I have been waiting to see Asia’s Got Talent champion, Eric Chien, to perform at the Judges Cuts. He did not disappoint with his performance. Eric is one of the best magic acts of Season 14 and I have to say that he should have received Jay Leno’s Golden Buzzer.

In all honesty, Voices of Service is one of my favorite music acts this season. Every time they perform on AGT, they tug at my heartstrings. Tonight, they made me cry again. This fantastic quartet covered Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s “See You Again.” Their harmonies were stunning and they gave me chills from the first note. Jay Leno and the judges gave them a standing ovation, while Gabrielle added that they inspire hope.

Comedian Jonathan Burns’ Judge Cuts performance received two buzzers from Simon and Howie! Jay Leno was also disappointed with Jonathan’s performance. Comedian Jackie Fabulous ended the evening and hoped to have the chance to perform stand-up at the Season 14 Live Shows. For her Judge Cuts performance, Jackie revealed that she started to embrace the LA lifestyle. Jackie jokingly noted that she tried juicing to lose weight. She made both Simon and Jay Leno crack up about drinking a combination of kale, spinach, celery, and cucumber juice. This performance was also the first time that her mother watched Jackie perform and Howie Mandel stated that “her daughter was a star.”

After saying “farewell” to Jay Leno, it was time for the Judges to reveal the final acts that would be joining Emanne Beasha at the Dolby Theatre. Voices of Service, Eric Chien, Marina Mazepa, Charlotte Summers, Jackie Fabulous & Benicio Bryant recieved tickets to the Dolby Theatre.

Next week, the Season 14 Live Shows finally begin!!!

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