Jake’s Take’s Podcast: Episode 26-The Next Gentleman’s Anthony Mastracci

The Next Gentleman’s Anthony Mastracci returned to ‘Jake’s Take’ for a video podcast. (Photo courtesy of The Next Gentleman)

By: Jacob Elyachar, jakes-take.com

It is a pleasure to welcome back one of my favorite people on Instagram, The Next Gentleman’s Anthony Mastracci, back to Jake’s Take. 

Since the last time he visited in August 2019, Anthony Mastracci launched Beardly Media. It is a full-scale creative and digital marketing agency. He offers brands the opportunity to use its services to improve their social media presence and digital marketing. Beardly Media also provides companies the chance to increase their content production and branding strategies.

Beardly Media has worked with a plethora of clients such as beauty (Brothers Artisan Oil), cookware (Rad USA), fitness (Los Angeles’ the Jyim), and geek culture (Noble Dwarf Printing). The company also worked with several food-related companies and restaurants such as Benny’s Tacos & Chicken Rotisserie, Boston Burger Company, Edible Arrangements, and George’s Burgers.

Recently, Anthony Mastracci also joined Penske Media Corporation as a writer for Spy.com. Spy.com is a discovery and reviews platform that connects readers with the latest technology, style, and health and grooming equipment. They also offer opinions on various health topics and lifestyle.

Also, Anthony Mastracci’s Instagram continues to blossom with his variety of posts. From showcasing his favorite brands to introducing his followers through paid partnerships, the Next Gentleman continues to build its audience each day.

In the second video edition of The Jake’s Take’ with Jacob Elyachar Podcast, Anthony talked about Beardly Media’s origin story and his work at Spy.com. We also talked about some of our favorite content creators such as Everett Williams, fit2fat2fit’s Drew Manning, and Scott Herman.  Finally, are you struggling with building your presence on social media? Anthony shared several tips on how to build a following.

For more information about Beardly Media, visit their website!

You can also connect with Anthony Mastracci on social media. Visit the Next Gentleman’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channels.

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