Jake’s Take’s New Music Reviews: Week of September 4, 2020

Artists to Watch:

Jake’s Take’s Artists to Watch is back! Here are some of the recording artists that are on my radar!!

Country music singer-songwriter Colter Wall showcases vintage country music. (Album cover property of La Honda Records)

Western Swing & Waltzes and Other Punchy Songs by Colter Wall

When I first heard the first lyrics of “Western Swings & Waltzes,” I felt that I entered a time warp with Colter Wall. The Canadian singer-songwriter’s vocal tones reminded me of the Man in Black himself, the late Johnny Cash. All ten tracks reminded me of what country music used to be. Full of grit, visual storytelling, and passion for the craft. Colter Wall continues to breathe new life into country music the same way that Lizzo is doing for R&B/Soul music. I cannot wait to hear new music from him! B+ 

Tracks to Download: “Big Iron,” “Diamond Joe,” “High & Mighty,” & “Cowpoke.” 

Cloe Wilder’s “It’s True” is the first single off of her upcoming 2021 album. (Music video property of Cloe Wilder)

It’s True” by Cloe Wilder 

Indie pop singer-songwriter Cloe Wilder returns to the Jake’s Take’s Artists to Watch page with a new single: “It’s True.” The tune is the first single off of her upcoming January 2021 EP: Teenage Lullabies. Throughout the 3-minute and 6 seconds track, Cloe brings listeners into her dream-like world thanks to hypnotic synths. “It’s True” explores her past while recognizing her career milestones. I recommend listening to this track! A- 

I believe that Griffin Holtby has the potential of being one of the 2020’s top up-and-coming rock stars. (Music video property of Griffin Holtby)

“Feel My Heart” by Griffin Holtby

20-year-old Dallas, Texas rocker Griffin Holtby has the potential to be one of this year’s breakout rock acts. When I first listened to “Feel My Heart,” I felt like I was listening to a rare track from The Struts. The song is instant candy, and I was very impressed with the guitar licks. I believe that Mr. Holtby is going places. B+/A- 

“’67 Riot” by Mike Skill

The Romantics guitarist Mike Skill is talking rock music aficionados back to 1967. With the help of legendary guitarist Wayne Kramer, Mr. Skill uses his guitar riffs and lyrics to showcase to newer generations how our parents and grandparents dealt with the time’s civil and social unrest. “’67 Riot” is a superb electric guitar showcase that will make listeners throw up their lighters. B+ 

Rebounder recruited several famous faces for its “Night Sports” music video.

“Night Sports” by Rebounder 

NYC native Rebounder rounds out this edition of Jake’s Take’s New Music Reviews. Rebounder (Dylan Chenfeld) is gaining traction with Spotify, and several music outlets such as DIY Mag and NME have heaped praises onto his craft. Rebounder’s latest single, “Night Sports,” reminds me of a beach and synth-rock combination. I think the lyrics are superb, and the production value is impeccable. There are big things ahead for Rebounder! 

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