Jake’s Take’s New Music Reviews- Week of November 6, 2020

Artists to Watch:

Jake’s Take’s Artists to Watch is back! Here are some of the recording artists that Jake’s Take believes is going to rock the music industry.

Ben Hazlewood’s Bloodline is one of Jake’s Take‘s top debut albums of 2020! (Album cover courtesy of Trend PR)

Bloodline by Ben Hazlewood

We head to Australia for our first Artist to Watch! Singer-songwriter Ben Hazlewood is building a social media following thanks to his superb vocals and impeccable arrangements. His debut album, Bloodline, showcases why he should be one of the next breakout artists from the international music market. Throughout the listening to the album, listeners will agree with Billboard, Earmilk, and The Huffington Post on why Ben Hazlewood has “superstar potential.” Bloodline has to be one of my favorite debut albums of 2020! A

Tracks to Download: “Give Me Something,” “Lay Me Down,” “Lying,” “Revelry,” & “Fear Is Catching.”

Queen Naija could be one of the decade’s Top R&B voices and Missunderstood sets her up so nicely. (Album cover property of Capitol Records)

Missunderstood by Queen Naija 

With over 1.2 million Twitter followers and 8.2 million Instagram followers, Detroit native Queen Naija is one of R&B’s top rising stars. Thanks to hits such as “Medicine,” “Karma,” and “Butterflies,” Queen Naija is slowly building a musical legacy. She released her first album with Capitol Records on October 30. A majority of Missunderstood is filled with honest lyrics and superb vocals. Queen Naija also gave opportunities to eight other rising artists, including Kiana Lede (“I’m Her”), Lucky Daye (“Dream”), and Russ (“Without You”). Missunderstood does have the potential to be on various music aficionados’ top R&B albums of 2020 and sets the groundwork for Queen Naija’s likely dominance of the 2020s. A-

Tracks to Download: “Too Much to Say,” “I’m Her,” “Dream,” “Without You,” & “Bitter.

Rising artists Carmen DeLeon and Feid teamed up for an epic collaboration: “Juegas.” (Music video property of Capitol Music Group)

“Juegas” by Carmen DeLeon featuring Feid

Carmen DeLeon is a rising force in the Latin Pop community. The Venezuela-born turned Miami transplant teamed up with Latin Grammy nominee Feid for her second single: “Juegas.” The duo co-wrote the track with hitmakers Maximum, Mista Bombo, Leon Yamil, and Jonathan Tobias. “Juegas” brilliantly blends Latin Pop and Reggaeton and showcases both Carmen DeLeon’s superb vocals and Feid’s smooth beats. A

Griffin Holtby’s fiery “This Ain’t Hell” music video might be dark and disturbing, but this song is impeccable. (Music video courtesy of Griffin Holtby)

“This Ain’t Hell” by Griffin Holtby 

Dallas native Griffin Holtby turned up the heat with his latest single: “This Ain’t Hell.” The guitar arrangement reminded me of several Lenny Kravitz tracks and “Blow,” Ed Sheeran’s explosive collaboration with Bruno Mars and Chris Stapleton. Griffin has the potential to reshape his generation’s interest in hard rock, and I am looking forward to hearing what he does next. A- 

Paris Jackson’s “let down” showcases her superstar potential. (Music video property of Republic Records)

“Let Down” by Paris Jackson 

On October 27, 2020, Republic Records released Paris Jackson’s debut single: “Let Down.” It is commendable that Paris is following in her iconic father – the King of Pop’s footsteps. USA Today’s Cydney Henderson reported that “Let Down” is based on her recent breakup with musician Gabriel Glenn. “Let Down” is a beautiful track from start-to-finish, and I think she made her father proud with this song. I am looking forward to hearing more music from you, Ms. Jackson. B+

True Villains’ “Blood in the Water” showcases why this quintet are on their way to be one of the most electrifying bands in their generation. (Music video property of True Villains)

“Blood in the Water” by True Villains 

Nashville rock group True Villains are the next artists to be highlighted in this edition of Artists to Watch. The quintet (Tim Venerosa, Matt Carter, Barry Conaway, Greg Herndon, and lead singer Beau Lastavich) transported listeners to an intensified massive rock world from the opening guitar riff. One of my favorite rock bands right now is the Struts, and I believe that True Villains are on their way to reach their level of excellence. B+ 

Vanessa Silberman’s “Something to Believe In” could raise listeners’ spirits. (Music video property of Vanessa Silberman)

“Something To Believe In” by Vanessa Silberman 

Vanessa Silberman concludes this edition of Jake’s Take’s New Music Reviews. The D-I-Y Music Queen released a new single: “Something to Believe In.” Fuel Heart Productions created the video animation for this motivational track. While “Something To Believe In” is simplistic lyrically, this song can lift listeners’ spirits. 

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