Jake’s Take’s New Music Reviews: Week of November 27, 2020

Artists to Watch

Jake’s Take’s Artists to Watch is back! Here are several up-and-coming artists that you need to keep your eyes on.

Josh Olsen’s The Beginning of the End showcases superb vocals and has great songs. (Album cover courtesy of Gramophone Media)

The Beginning of the End by Josh Olsen 

Singer-songwriter Josh Olsen kicks off this edition. The former X Factor USA alum released his debut extended play: The Beginning of the End. This six-track EP tackles various topics, including his relationships with his family and himself and past heartbreaks. Josh has grown as a vocalist since his days on the defunct FOX singing competition. I firmly believe that this marks a new era for him, and I hope that several music streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify incorporate some of these tunes into their playlists. B+

Tracks to Download: “I Won’t Say I Love You,” “Never Enough,” “All by Myself,” & “Sex With a Stranger.”

Scribz Riley’s Wish Me Luck is one of the best Artist to Watch albums of this year. (Album cover property of Epic Records)

Wish Me Luck by Scribz Riley

Two-time Grammy-winning producer-rapper Scribz Riley recently released his first album: Wish Me Luck. After providing hits for Cardi B, H.E.R., and Khalid, it is excellent to see Scribz step into the spotlight. Wish Me Luck features superb production and smooth vocals. Also, keep an ear out to 6Lack, Headie One, JADA, Kasash Paige, and KWN, who all made cameos throughout the album. I cannot wait to hear new music from Scribz Riley in the future. A- 

Tracks to Download: “Outta Your Way,” “Introduce Myself,” “Mandy,” “Dim My Light,” & “East Side.”

“Hot Girl Winter” by Analise Malick & Camryn Clark

Up-and-coming singer-songwriters Analise Malick and Camryn Clark released a holiday anthem: “Hot Girl Winter.” This duo used the song to promote an idea that everyone can rally behind: “celebrate the idea of loving ourselves and staying true to who we are and what everyone needs to be.” Analise and Camryn have potential, and I think that “Hot Girl Winter” could be incorporated into future holiday playlists. B

“Last Day” by Kasey Yale 

Los Angeles-based pop singer Kasey Yale is coming in hot with his latest single: “Last Day.” I am in awe of this song. From the first note, I was captivated by Kasey’s voice and the “Last Day.” It reminds me so much of “Cooler Than Me” and “Bad Day” about how those songs showed how they skyrocketed both its respective artists Mike Posner and Daniel Powter’s careers. I hope that it does the same for Kasey. A+

The cast of Rock Me Amadeus gave music lovers an awesome mash-up of “Roxanne” and “Habanera.” (Music video of Rock Me Amadeus)

“Roxanne/Carmen” by the Cast of Rock Me Amadeus 

The cast of Rock Me Amadeus rounds out this edition of Jake’s Take’s New Music Reviews. The music video features a mash-up of “Habanera” from Carmen and The Police’s signature song: “Roxanne.” The arrangement was spectacular! It perfectly weaved Tony Bruno’s guitar and Mairead Nesbitt’s violin together with outstanding vocals from opera superstar Alyson Cambridge, international rocker Toby Rand, Broadway and The Voice veteran Tony Vincent. I cannot wait to hear more from the cast of Rock Me Amadeus. 

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