Jake’s Take’s New Music Reviews (Week of February 10, 2017)

Happy Grammy Weekend!  Welcome to Jake’s Take’s New Music Reviews. We got a lot of music to get to, so let’s get this party started.

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Songs of Cinema by Michael Bolton

Celebrated singer Michael Bolton is taking listeners to the movies in his latest offering, Songs of Cinema features some iconic songs from the silver screen. Some of the songs that are featured include the title track to the 1986 Rob Reiner-directed film, Risky Business’ signature anthem (“Old Time Rock & Roll”), and the iconic “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Mr. Bolton continues to prove that he is one of the best interpreters of classic songs while teaching millennials about the history of cinema songs throughout this 10-track album.  Keep an eye out for his duet with a friend to the blog and Queen of Country Music, Dolly Parton, as she recorded her beloved “I Will Always Love You” with him.  Glad to see Mr. Bolton still has his gift and I hope that he continues to deliver a quality product because he can outsing and outperform several Top 40 singers away vocally. B+

Tracks to Download: “Old Time Rock & Roll,” “Stand by Me,” “I Will Always Love You,” & “Jack Sparrow.”


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Fifty Shades Darker (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Various Artists

While critics continue to pummel Fifty Shades Darker, its soundtrack is gaining steam. Jack Antonoff, one of the millennial generation’s best producers, and his production team recruited some of Top 40 radio’s favorite sons and daughters to submit new tracks. There are several standouts such as John Legend’s “One Woman Man,” ZAYN & Taylor Swift’s “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” the crazy Nick Jonas and Nicki Minaj collaboration “Bom Bidi Bom,” Sia’s haunting “Helium,” and Corinne Bailey Rae’s lovely cover of Coldplay’s “The Scientist.”  However, there were some questionable inclusions such as The-Dream’s “Code Blue,” JP Cooper’s “Birthday,” and Toulouse’s “No Running from Me.” All in all, it is a solid soundtrack that would satisfy both the Fifty Shades fan base and music lovers. B-

Tracks to Download: “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” “Bom Bidi Bom,” “Helium,” & “One Woman Man.”

LoVe (EP) by Aaron Carter

I am happy to say that Aaron Carter is ready to take 2017 by storm. He released his latest EP called LoVe. This five-track EP proves that the “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)” singer has great taste in production and is an influential songwriter. I have followed Aaron throughout his career, and I believe that he is ready to reclaim the pop/hip-hop/EDM crown from Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Drake, Austin Mahone, and Shawn Mendes. “Fool’s Gold” should be playing on Top 40 radio stations across the country and “Sooner or Later” is one of the best dance songs that I heard so far this year.  If there is one artist to keep an eye on for 2017, it should be Aaron Carter. A-

Tracks to Download: “Fool’s Gold,” “Sooner or Later,” “Let Me Let You,” & “Same Way.”


Jeff Dye Live from Madison

(Album cover property of 800 Pound Gorilla Records)

Live from Madison by Jeff Dye

Jeff Dye is one of my favorite comedians! Today, he released his second comedy album: Live from Madison. If you have not had the pleasure of watching him perform stand-up live or have not seen his appearances on I Can Do That, Better Late than Never, and That Awkward Game Show, then you are missing out!  Jeff’s witty remarks on hot topics such as dating, feminism, and homosexuality will leave you in stitches. Listeners will also enjoy listening to Jeff’s intriguing personal life stories such as the time his sister married “a stranger” and his break-up and explaining pop culture references such as Harry & The Hendersons to his Madison audience.  Congratulations, Jeff! Live from Madison is the first comedy album to make Jake’s Take’s Album of the Week! A+

Tracks to Download: “I Could Be Gay,” “I’m Pro-Feminism,” “Break-Up,” “Dating Stinks,” & “I Want Kids.”


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Chained to the Rhythm” by Katy Perry featuring Skip Marley

In these dire times, we need a song that should lift our spirits, and I believe that Katy Perry has done that with her latest single: “Chained to the Rhythm.” The “Firework” singer co-wrote this spectacular anthem with Max Martin, Ali Payami, Sia, and Skip Marley (who drops a great rap hook halfway in the tune). Just like Ms. Perry sings in her song, we need to stop seeing life through rose-colored glasses, step outside of our picket fences, and experience life to its fullest. I cannot wait to watch this Sunday’s Grammy Awards, where she will be performing the song live. Congratulations, Ms. Perry and Mr. Marley, “Chained to the Rhythm” is my Song of the Week. A+

My Old Man” by Zac Brown Band

After experimenting with different musical genres such as heavy metal and jazz in 2015’s Jekyll + Hyde, Zac Brown Band returned to its roots with their latest single: “My Old Man.” Zac Brown’s beautiful homage to his father will tug at listeners’ heartstrings. “My Old Man” is probably one of the band’s powerful songs in their songbook and is also the antithesis of “Cat’s in the Cradle.”  I think this is one of the better country music songs that I have heard so far this year and I hope that this song is included in the 2018 Grammy race. A

Icarus” by O Mer

Jake’s Take is proud to introduce its readers to new artists. Electronic artist O Mer is up first! The Tel Aviv turned Brooklyn transplant is slowly building a following on both Soundcloud and Spotify. O Mer combines his love of both West African, Mediterranean, and Western musicians with his admiration of alternative-EDM for an intriguing track. I believe that O Mer continues to polish his tunes and embrace creativity, he might cause a ruckus in the EDM genre. B

Omen” by Oliver Riot

The next group that Jake’s Take is introducing to you, our loyal readers, is Oliver Riot! Albuquerque, New Mexico native sons Benjamin and Alexander Moore are introducing a new kind of alternative music to the world. “Omen” is a gothic love song that has a haunting melody that will hypnotize listeners.  I think that Benjamin and Alexander are onto something and I believe that they will be a group to watch out for this year. B+

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